[How To]: Buy/Move/Store OMNI MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets

Your Trezor must be with firmware 1.8-1.9 and just download and use firefox. It works. There is no need to pay someone to fix it. It works.

@Luis_Gonzalez_Alvare, @Knosis for your peace of mind, I made 1 transaction from my Trezor One (firmware version 1.9.0) with Firefox - I confirm once again that it works:



The option of Trezor model T, I find it difficult … to go back to a previous firmware … Does anyone know if through Electrum, I could have access to the Maidsafe ??

There’s an Electrum Omni plugin, but not sure of it’s state

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Omniwallet.org Regional and Functional Restrictions**

Finally, the team has decided that due to laws and regulations prohibiting the export of services and technologies to certain countries and jurisdictions, Omniwallet.org is now blocking all connections from the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria

Also, in the forthcoming version of Omniwallet.org, users in the United States will no longer be able to use Omniwallet.org to interact with the on-chain Distributed Exchanges available on the Omni Layer protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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The Omni-Trezor project has been forked from:


That means Omni Trezor, can it be operational for Maid in a while ??
Can we get the Maids back from Omni Trezor?

Can you access your pvt keys?
If so, no problem.

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The pvt keys ??
From Trezor?
Yes I have them.
I can see the maids, but I can’t move them. What can be done?
Will they update the Omni Trezor again?

You can extract your pvt key, and use omniwallet to send them.

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Seems a site offering Buy/Sell MAID is You are being redirected... too if not in US. Anyone tried them before and can confirm legit or not for GBP or EUR? I saw a twitter post by them mentioning it recently. They probably just use Bittrex or such in the background but still neat to see someone pick em up. Their Trustpilot reviews are up and down but seemingly mostly positive.

could somebody help me understand the following: I withdrew 395 MAID to BTC address on 25th of January. The fee was 80 MAID. However, on the address balance is now only 0.00000546 BTC. Why such small amount?


copy and paste the address into omniexplorer to see the Maid tokens:


This is the BTC transaction amount. A BTC transaction is needed so that the omni protocol transaction can be embedded in that BTC transaction. MAID is an omni protocol asset.

And do as @Dimitar said to see the MAID balance at that BTC address


I believe the above wallet has been deprecated. Trezor forked the code here

and the correct address for the wallet is now

I think the links in your excellent tutorial above should be updated, @Dimitar. See here:


Thanks Sascha, I updated it in the OP :dragon:


does anyone know if this fork works with the new firmware?

It seems to work.
I was able to get to the Omni Trezor and access the maids …
Very happy to have access to them again … Thank you very much for the updated info @Sascha !!!


It’s my pleasure. :slight_smile:


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if i use segwit address for my maid in trezor and omniwallet is not compatible with segwit address, whats my backup wallet if something happens to my trezor?