[How To]: Buy/Move/Store OMNI MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets

Thank you @Dimitar , I just have to wait 10 days to be able to transfer my MAID out of Bittrex as I did a debit card deposit and I read online somewhere that it needs 10 days to wait before emptying your Bittrex balance!

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maybe you need to include that to the OP?

card deposit needs 10 days before you can withdraw

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Thanks for the info, I will add it!

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wow fees for withdrawal of BTC is 0.0003!!! for withdrawing 50~€ worth of BTC to ones non-custodian wallet you need to give 50~% of your BTC??? daum

Hey I saw that trezor will not be supported on wallet.trezor.com, (only on trezor suite) this is only for main coins on trezor, or it will be problem for maid also…?

Hello friends,

if you have a problem with the latest Trezor firmware, here is the solution:

  1. Open Electrum (v4.1.1.)

  2. Create new wallet

  3. Use your hardware device

  4. Choose legacy (p2pkh)

  5. Go to “Tools” menu

  6. Open the “Preferences” dialog

  7. Switch to the “Transactions” tab

  8. Uncheck the option “Use change addresses”

  9. Enabled the tab for addresses in the “View” menu

  10. Select the address where the MAID tokens are located

  11. Right-clicking on the address and choose “Spend from” in the menu

  12. Go to the Send tab

  13. In the “Pay to” put your OP_RETURN data generated at OMNI Trezor

  14. Put a comma after the omni data and 0 -
    example: OP_RETURN YourOmniDataFromTrezor.Github.io, 0

  15. On a new line, enter the address to which you are sending MAID

  16. Put a comma after the recipient address and 0.00000546 BTC
    example: 1*****theRecipientAddress, 0.00000546

  1. Note that the recipient must be a 1… or a 3… address, bech32 addresses starting with “bc1” are not supported by the Omni protocol

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Question: if want move maid to another adress and if I will use trezor then omni choose automatically best fee?

Just passed the altcoinomy KYC process so I am just about to convert the majority of my MAID to eMAID. Should I bother with a test transaction of the minimum 1000 MAID or is there consensus that the process is robust enough to do it all in one go?


Yes, it calculates the transaction on its own :dragon:

Better make a test transaction…

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Can I ask why you are converting?

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Fear of cancel culture and acceptance of the ERC-20 received wisdom :slight_smile:

I will still retain some Omni MAID as I intend to look for trading opportunities on Bittrex. Will you all please start buying at these cheap cheap prices on Bttrex? Please?

I’m on it tonight. To good an opportunity to pass up now. Don’t suppose anyone is looking to offload some MAID :joy:

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Only if I can buy it back off you later at a ridiculously low price…

I have a few thousand I will flip back and forth to try to grow my holding. Right now I need you to buy at 650 sats or more :slight_smile:


I Thought we were friends :joy:

past tense, old chap. This is Bittrex, red in tooth and claw…

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Does this mean I should not use Brave? My attempt to send to the burn address failed.
I did get this warning before proceeding though

Perhaps I should search back for your hints on using Electrum as a work around

Just bought 17k this morning, fee was apx .75% maker, i imagine taker is higher, were fees always so high?

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Nope much the same at the lower levels, discounts for the whales.
Its been the best part of 2 years since I did much active trading and ISTR thinking that if I could see >0.5% profit then at least I wasn’t losing money - That sadly is no longer true



please work transfer from omni layer wallet on trezor version firmware: “Universal 2.5.3”? thx

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I update to latest firmware 2.5.3 and it seems it doesnt work it only show loading endless. I use OMNI Trezor please help me.