[How To]: Buy/Move/Store OMNI MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets

Doesn’t the trezor come with a backup solution?

12 words ( I believe) that you can use to recover your funds if you lose the trezor.

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Yes, sorry i cant explain my self. If something happens to my trezor, I have to buy another trezor (expensive, have to save some money) and wait weeks or months to get it here. I know how to get my private key from the seed words and i know how to put that private key in a bitcoin wallet and move the bitcoins, what i dont know is how to move the maidsafe if its in a segwit address?

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Anyone got a preference on the best trezor.
1 or T ?

I’m not sure, can someone else chime in?

Is that what the bip Coleman tool does?

There are a couple of Electrum Omni projects that could facilitate this. I don’t think anyone here has tried them though. They’d also work with Ledger.

You could probably import into Omni Core too

This is a guide on how to get the private keys from the Trezor Seed words

Recovering funds without Trezor device

In case your Trezor device gets lost or damaged, you can access your funds using your recovery seed and Electrum.

Warning This should be used in emergency situations only. To keep your funds safe at all times, we recommend getting a new Trezor device to recover your funds (see Recovery) and not revealing your recovery seed to any third party. If you do decide to reveal your seed to a third party, send the funds to a new Trezor-secured account as soon as possible.

To recover your wallet in Electrum, follow these step:

  1. Open Electrum and go to File > New/Restore.
  2. Enter (any) name for your wallet.
  3. Select “Standard Wallet”.
  4. Select “I already have a seed”.
  5. Enter your recovery seed. Separate the individual words using spaces (e.g. tree, all, hazard).
  6. Click on Options and check “BIP39 Seed”.
  7. Unless you use a passphrase, do not check “Extend this seed with custom words”. Click on Next.
  8. If you used Trezor Wallet before, select p2sh-segwit (or legacy) account.
  9. Set up a password or leave the fields empty.
  10. Done.

Let’s say I have 2 BTC and 1000 MAID in my Trezor on Segwit address 3xxxa1.
Let’s say I send 1 BTC from here to a different wallet.
The address of the 1 BTC left on my Trezor will be changed to 3xxxa2. Am I right?
But the address of the 1000 MAID left on my Trezor will remain 3xxxa1. Am I right?
If I later want to send my MAID to a different wallet, I will need to move enough BTC back to address 3xxxa1 to send the MAID, since it now has no BTC left for the sending fees. Am I right?

To be confirmed by other trezor users…
If you’re using omnitrezor, your 1 BTC left should remain in the 3xxxxa1 segwit address with 1000 maids and should not change.

That could be, but Omnitrezor is a different wallet that is just secured with Trezor, if I understand correctly. I’d like to know specifically how the Trezor wallet works.

I dont use trezor, but this seems to confirm what your saying.
It will be a security feature to stop addresses being re used.


Any safe way to send MAID stored on my Ledger address? I am asking very year :slight_smile:

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Yes, buy Trezor from the referral link in the OP. Enter the seed words from your Ledger in to your new Trezor and you will be able to make Safe MAID transfers :dragon:

I posted this a few comments above. It may work with Ledger

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I’m glad you reminded me. I tested it when you wrote it, but I forgot to write the results :lol:

I used Electrum and the seed words from my Trezor. I tried all three options:


In none of them the private keys that are generated can be used with omniwallet… (they can be imported, but the addresses where the MAID tokens are do not correspond to the generated private keys, ie. omniwallet does not work with this type of addresses)

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Maybe wrong derivation path

The idea is to use Electrum directly with the hardware wallet, not by importing the hardware wallet’s seed


btw I really prefer to choose in trezor HW wallet, to choose transaction fee, is possible to upgrade this feature? I think is too low, when I checked it.