[How To]: Buy/Move/Store MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets

I just came across the private key for an address I used to buy Maidsafe over 7 years ago. I sent 0.10BTC to the crowdsale address and received 0.000055BTC back. And, if I check the address on OmniExplorer I can see there is also a balance of 2,380 MaidSafeCoin.

What does the future look like for these coins? Are they going to be swapped for a new coin? How would I transfer them?


Just hodl them for now and keep your eyes on this forum. Do you have a Trezor? Probably the most secure method of storing MAID- and other cryptos.
Under no circumstances should you try and work out what they are worth now in BTC as this will only depress you. Until you work out what your 0.1BTC was worth 7 years ago…


Yes, they’ll be redeemable 1:1 for Safe Network Tokens when the network launches.
It’s looking like you’ll do an Omni transaction to do the conversion, but it is still to be decided.