[How To]: Buy/Move/Store MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets

Hi @Dimitar in Omniwallet they must also copy/paste their “walletID” without this they won’t be able to access their funds anymore. with your email address alone you won’t be able to access your wallet.

Tldr :sweat_smile: before eddy became totally lazy he made this…

P.s. If you download your privatekey don’t leave it on your computer…


Thanks to NOT_lazy Eddy from the past :wink: I added it to the guide! :dragon:


You might want to update your synopsis with respect to Chainrift now that they have announced they are shutting down.


I fixed it, I’m very sad I had to add them to my “very bad history” list so soon, but I’m not surprised. The question is not whether this list will grow, the question is when it will grow…


Just a reminder for anyone thinking of buying a hardware wallet. NEVER buy from Amazon, Ebay or other third-parties. Always buy directly from Trezor (if that’s what you’re buying). Amazon mixes inventory from legitimate sellers and scammers in their warehouses. If you go to Amazon and buy from what seems to be Trezor’s official page there, what Amazon ships could be a compromised device from a third-party seller. Same goes for other things like Network equiptment. There have for example been cases where someone has bought switches, seemingly from the manufacturer on Amazon, but have gotten devices compromised with malware that injects ads on all websites.


I should be able to get contact details for these guys

Important to remember that MasterExchange (AFAICT) is the ONLY exchange never to have been implicated in anything “dodgy”. All Txs were scanned by a human.
The exchange only closed because the principals were offered obscene amounts of money to go work on a private blockchain for a bank (in Paris IIRC) Part of the deal was they concentrated 100% on the new work and so, reluctantly, the exchange had to cease operations

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Thank you for a clear explanation - certainly helps when feeling stressed having to make a cold wallet for the first time :slightly_frowning_face: - I did the transaction from chainrift - according to omniexplorer.info I have 3 confirmations for my total amount of maidsafe. My question is this total stored as maidsafe in my cold wallet or is it in Bitcoin? I know it’s a dumb question but it will help me sleep!

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Hello and welcome @simonboxer!

Your MAID is in an address on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Both use the same address. Imagin that your Bitcoin address is a dolar banknote and on that banknote is written how much MAID you have. Hope this helps :dragon:


Perfect thank you! The good news is that chainrift are honouring withdrawals so far


Yes, the Chainrift folks appear to have been a group of very talented, ethical, and professional individuals. Chainrift closing down is a tragedy for the crypto scene.


Maidsafecoin doesn’t appear to be listed on Bittrex’s exchange. Does anyone know any other exchanges that a US citizen could buy MAID?

MAID is listed on https://global.bittrex.com/ and https://hitbtc.com/

If you wait another 10 days you will be able to buy from the OMNI Dex: https://www.omniwallet.org/dex/overview


For US residents looking to purchase MAID, I think the only options right now are Changelly and simpleswap.io. Someone recently mentioned simpleswap.io to me, but I have no personal experience with that platform.

Alternatively, you could wait for OMNI DEX; however, most DEX tend to have liquidity problems. All things being equal, Changelly’s MAID:BTC exchange rate isn’t too bad at the moment and given the limited range of options for US residents.


Thanks y’all!

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You sure about Changelly? Their T.O.S. seem to indicate no U.S. customers.


simpleswap, too:

That’s unfortunate. Prior to, it seemed Changelly still provided access to the US. As mentioned above, I don’t have any experience with SimpleSwap, so I can’t speak to that.

OMNI DEX just may be the only option for now. Hopefully, a SAFE Community Foundation will be able to raise funds to help address this exchange access issue.

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Yeah, I’ve been rather frustrated with the limited options…even for crypto in general…it’s damn near coinbase or nothing.

Is this up and running now? Would anyone mind giving a quick tutorial on how to use it? Seems like it is my only option to get my hands on some MAID.

Edit: I think I found some instructions. I’ll update if I have any questions…

Hey friend, the MAID-BTC trading is not active yet. Wait. When it becomes active I will release instructions. :dragon: