How to buy maidsafecoins using bitcoin on (Chinese Version)


這個教程告訴你如何製作紙錢包來存放比特, 把比特幣發送到Poloniex交易所, 購買maidsafecoin並且提款到比特幣的紙錢包.

There is also an exchange called maidsafecoins on masterxchange.


The video for that will be up soon.


Everything fixed on Poloniex video masterxchange coming right up :grinning:


Why the price xplozion?!
Maidsafecoin wallet


is THIS why the price shot up?

because now people from China are pouring into MAID?


If they are, I hope they are all following the video and sharing their private key publicly :slight_smile:


It’s a good thing that in the video it explains not to share the secret or make a video of your private key for everyone else to see :wink:

[China metrics now surpass those of USA][1]

Also, thanks to @19eddyjohn75 for letting me know that I had left some of the extra bitcoins on the private key which I used in the video Those were wide open to anyone to take :slight_smile: