How to build an App on SAFE Network?

This is a tutorial to build an iOS application, it covers a lot of RUST usage in mac OSX environment. As well as making a UI as an iOS application using RUST and and Xcode.


Is it possible to build ethereum apps that bridge to maidsafe cloud storage?

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Thank you for this very special contribution :slight_smile:

Any updates on this ?

I’m wanting to write an app in html5,javascript QuantumUI and rust as back-end.

I’m still searching for an easy pluggable environment…
I know in qt you can use webview to render the html from the executable but do U or somebody else know best way to go under rust ??

I don’t but @dallyshalla might be able to help?

If you check out the Safe DNS example it is build with html and javascript, that’s all you need, and I think that it’s the simplest route: You’d include the FFI - Foreign Function Interface, and that’s the rust magic that you can use anywhere including in your javascript application.

var ffi = require('ffi');

api = ffi.Library(path, {
      'create_sub_directory': ['int', ['string', 'bool']]
      //'create_file': ['int', ['string', IntArray, 'int']],
      //'register_dns': ['int', ['string', 'string', 'string']]

^^ the last line here is calling a “create_sub_directory” function which if you were to use “create_file” and “register_dns” it would execute the rust code for those methods.

Other things I’ve dived into are native rust applications using gtk, this is not 100% recommended I think - the other night I tried to build something with nodejs for the first time, within two days I had a simple web service running any browser can read it; contrast that with working with rust, It took almost a month of tooth and nail to figure out all the angles the UI with rust could take me through. But I feel all the more stronger for it (understanding and knowing how to code rust things directly)

Examples of that:

That’s a pluggable environment, and the rust backend gets interacted with like the code quoted above.


anyone knows how to implement a shared data database? I mean, how to implement an app like Craiglist, where any user can insert their own ads and all the others can see it (but not to change it)?

As I understood, we can only make apps that only the owner/admin can insert data and the others can only see it (like a blog without comments). Any thoughts? Maybe hide the credentials to write on db inside the app (using some kind of obfuscation)?

I’m totally lost on how to implement this : (

Thanks for the info, when I have time I’ll dive deeper into that…


This is the problem we’re working on for SAFEpress. You can read my early ideas in the Outline Design in the SAFEpress github repo, then I suggest you post ideas and questions to the SAFEpress google group and we can discuss there. I don’t have time to dig out exact links for you just now, but you’ll find them all at

I look forward to chatting! I’m sure we can figure this out with a few heads put together.


thanks @digipi, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Have you all considered integrating the Cordova project into your browser app?

If not, my company (Qbix) is very interested in building a MOBILE BROWSER for SAFE, if at all possible. It would intercept all safe:// requests and somehow direct them to the SAFE network, and then send the response to the website. We would also need to develop the security model for cookies and so on – how is this currently handled?

Our app would also act as a launcher, and also integrate touch id / face id to authenticate with it.

Who on the SAFE team do I talk to about this?


i guess first addresses to talk to would be @nicklambert and @dugcampbell / @SarahPentland (not sure with the last 2 ones because it’s going already into technical stuff … but nick is definitely the right one i think :slight_smile: maybe even @dirvine has some thoughts here he wants to throw in [but i’d assume a discussion through DMs will make more sense than keeping us all involved here xD ] )


Hi Greg,

Great to hear of your interest and happy to help. Please DM me and let me know when it’s convenient to catch up and if I can’t help you personally I will be able to get answers for you. Thanks.