How to be greedy/hopeful in bearmarket?

Hey, I am in general greedy, and stacking more maid now. But paradoxically I miss a little bit hopeful/hopium for example when see price or rather if I imagine how complex this project is and how easy can be bug there I guess. I know this is bullshit but I would be most like if next day price will be at least on 5$ per maid ^ but in reality I expect a lot of years when/if maid will be finished and trusted and price will go on some “normal” satisfying level.

Do someone have similiar “vibe”? How you handle it? I have only idea to check price for example once per month/3 month yet. Therefore I write this for some advice. Thanks

you buy stock/crypto you believe in, here you get also a guarantee that you will get a “SNT” for each maid you buy “in such low price” so its not about maid its about the SNT you will get in the network day one, then you can see it skyrocket as the network gets bigger and bigger!

so does that makes sense to pile the maid? just dont use your money you need to live day by day and you will get diamond hands.

thats the project. revolutionizing the internet. the new decentralized internet where none needs to have a server that has to have a domain and has to abide by aany one country laws etc etc…

this will be like internet killer! I can see people migrating until people will no longer use servers at all!