How to be a trust level 1


I’ve met the requirements for the trustlevel 1. Do I need to contact an admin or will i get it automatically?


Welcome to the forum!
The 1 hour read time you see is actually rounded up (45min -> 1 hour).
So if you continue to read max 15 minutes, you’ll meet requirements for real.
If this happens, you’ll get a ‘Basic’ badge and your user name ‘joop8’ won’t be greyed out anymore.

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Automatic but not instant.

When it says “basic user” on your profile, that’s “trust level 1”

I’m a new user. After an hour of disciplined browsing I realised that my Brave browser blocks from tracking my activity on the forum. The shields must go down. Ironically, this is the first website I’m doing this for. Track me at your leisure. :sweat_smile:


Tracking user mult1k… his identity is a code for one thousand mults. We just have to figure out what “mults” are…

Kidding, of course. Welcome to the forums. I’m coming back after a while away myself. I hope to get to test and develop some under safe network’s latest versions, so I need to get my trust level up. I tested some of the versions back a couple years ago, and it was awesome to finally see the whole system working together over the internet, saving data to it, and also seeing the ability to create website content and serve it over the network. This has so much potential and the need for it is continually increasing.

I see it has come a long way and progress continues. Kudos to everyone keeping the project moving forward.

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I finally checked back and now have the trust level to get the invite, re-sign up and finally authenticate to the test network, and it worked. Hallelujah!

Since I have seen messages about some linux bugs, I’m using Linux Mint, latest version.