How to be a trust level 1


what can i do for increasing my level?

How do I bring up my trust level?

See this topic:


ok, what’s the meaning of entering at least 30 topics ? should i create 30 topics?


No, you just need to access / visit 30 topics.


Why should i level 0?


Same problem here, how did you fix it?

2 days visited
1h read time
252 posts read

Are all conditions needed or is needed at least 1/2?


Yes, all conditions are needed.

You’re almost there :slightly_smiling_face: You just need to enter / visit a few more topics (you currently have 23 topics viewed).


do you get upgraded to trust level 1 automatically or is it a manual process ?


Yes, it should happen automatically :slightly_smiling_face:


is there a way to see how many you read already and how many you have to go ?


You can see how many posts you’ve read and how much time you’ve spent reading by looking at the Summary tab of your user profile. For example:

But it doesn’t show how many topics you’ve entered / visited.


Go here

topics entered is the column titled "viewed"
posts read is the column titled “Read”


Welcome here! This is my day number one :slight_smile: I’m just getting started and I’ll share my experience of getting to level 1. Best of the SAFE Network, immudoug


This should suffice, right?


The read time is 60 minutes and I suspect that the 1Hr showing is a rounding up. So you may need a little more time reading. Otherwise the discourse software needs a little time to update the member level. Or I have noticed that when a person joined less than 24 hours the discourse software doesn’t update the member level.

I suggest you do some more reading of posts and/or topics and you should be at level 1 soon enough. Otherwise post here again after you’ve done a little more reading and we will do something about it.


Thanks for the response. It eventually updated.


Why I mayn’t trust level 1?

I’v ever visited 35 topics, 501 posts and spent totally 1 hour.


Two posts above yours is the answer And I will repeat it here for you

We have found out that this is indeed the issue. So a little more reading and you should be fine to go


I got it. Thank you @neo!


very helpful instruction