How to anonymize MAID?

network MAID is anonyme, but is also anonyme first transaction/ticket to this network? I mean exchange have my name and known where I send MAID, what happened after network will be finished? In blockchain will be that I send to somewhere else and then nothing?

Second question: Is possible to anonymize my stored MAID, when I gived a name to exchange?..


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When we launch and you swap your maid 1 to 1 for safe network token, you will be able to claim them to an address you create, so that will be anonymous, but maybe a record will be kept, so claim to a disposable address, then send to another address you create, so truly anonymous.

To anonymise maid coins sent from an exchange, you can use the eth bridge once its completed as described by @Dimitar in another thread.


but erc20 maid token isnt finish or it is? btw where can I create for free throught tor browser, email?

No, the erc bridge is not quite ready yet.

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by

he wants create an e-mail, anonyme email, via Tor browser…

For what purpose though?

And why ask here about tor and email?
Plenty of online guides.

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You can make an anonymous mail account on protonmail (for example) using a throwaway mail to validate the protonmail account. In general throwaway mail addresses are useful for making new accounts not linked to you.

Using Tor on your usual computer is less good than putting Tails on a usb stick and doing all your sneaky business on Tails, it isn’t so hard setting up Tails if you want, you need two USB sticks and off you go. Here’s instructions:

In general, anonymity is never two clicks away, you’ve to learn lots of stuff. But it’s fun. I’ll send you a few more links to nice simple learning resources if you’re really interested in pursuing this, just send me a private message if that is the case. Good luck


"You can make an anonymous mail account on protonmail (for example) using a throwaway mail to validate the protonmail account. "

But you do not need to validate protonmail email to start using it.
You can just set second email address for backup

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Around a week ago I had to validate from a second email address, something about avoiding spam I seem to recall. Maybe it’s new? Or just when accessing the site over Tails? If so skip throwaway mail step, indeed

The validating email is kept, but as a one way encrypted value. This is so (as they claim) they can check if the email has been used before when someone else tries to make a new account.