How to add wallet address to vault in config?

I tried adding a wallet address to the config file and it will not let me. It says access denied. I also read one post that said when you created your MaidSafe account on the network it would generate a wallet address for you(I could of misunderstood or it was talking about the future when everything is live), no address was generated when I made my account. But I have an address and would like to add it to the config file.

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Can’t wait for this feature to be released with test SafeCoin soon on vaults :smiley:

Will be amazing!

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welcome to the forum :thumbsup:. Safecoin isn’t implemented yet, when it is you can add a wallet address. We have to wait for that.


I know Safecoin isn’t implemented yet but users are storing Maidcoin in there bitcoin wallet. Also I figured out how to add my address to the vault(don’t know if it’ll do any good). But I’m also curious how people are talking about farming. How are you they farming.

The wallets have nothing to do with SAFE. They are omni protocol aware bitcoin wallets.

The (test/alpha) network has absolutely no way to use bitcoin wallets.

When implemented Safecoin will only live on the SAFE network and the “Safecoin-wallet” simply holds the Safecoin addresses that belong to a user

No one is or can farm safecoin at the moment, it does not exist.

No one has ever been able to farm (or mine) MAIDSAFE coin, and never will be able to


I appreciate your response but I’m still curious why there is a “wallet address” spot in the vault config file.

I’m still learning.


I suppose it had to added sometime. Since development of Safecoin cannot be done instantaneously there will be some aspects of its development appearing before Safecoin itself is implemented. For instance SD objects had to be developed for Safecoin, but since there is also other uses for SD objects its not so obvious that SD development/implementation was for Safecoin (as well)


Welcome back Mr. @neo :smiley: