How to achieve Trust Level 1 (Basic User)


Thank You very Much!


Hi there, it looks like I’ve reached Basic level which I believe is Trust level 1. Now, when trying to connect to Alpha 2, I’m having some trouble figuring out what the Invitation Token is. I’ve also tried selecting ‘Claim an Invitation’ which takes me to where I select the icon and then select the Alpha 2 testnet. This then says Please Wait and stops. What am I missing? Thanks!


Hello, I just tested the process and it loads fine for me. It should take you to the page that has your invitation code on it. Have you tried a different browser? What browser did you try with?


Thanks @upstate , that worked in Chrome


So are folks generally getting the invitation token on the same day as visiting this forum? I really like the plans for maidsafe and I am looking forward to the progress!


This is what i try to do, to reach level 1. Thanks for the help.


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Thanks @calmar for the info. I -find- the format quite interesting and informative.

I have actually learnt something going through the tutorials.


Oops. Still need practice. Haha


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Thank you for info and will be doing alot of reading and catching up. I have been out in the non developer society and promoting maidsafe. Cheer’s


Glad to see the semi-bad docs as brainwash method of user security is still on going with this project. I am rooting so hard for you guys but really? Still? Eh, when hell comes and cowbirds you out while BTC is so low people forgot (and North Korea wants to talk…) this is the time you will be most vulnerable. I apparently am not even trust level 1 anymore (some security I’ll just troll you more and watch the “ITS ALL GREAT” types get mad, sure stop infiltration with that).

Security implies a stricter vetting process.


I do not know what you are on. But you are trust level 1 and you cannot lose trust level 1 anyhow.

Overt trolling is not tolerated on this forum just like on any other forum that respects its members.

No problems if you have a complaint, come out and say it, tell us where we are wrong. But trolling is not tolerated.


@beserkerguru, you are free to accuse us of being in an echo chamber. Your post was hidden because if violated the forum guidelines which you agreed to when joining. No swearing.

Thankyou, if you had read a little then you might have found out that we are running alpha 2 and new software. So if you were on the alpha 1 network then yes the software you have will not work.

If you were on alpha 2 then there must be an issue that needs correcting. Either in our directions or in the programs you downloaded. Ask and we will try and help. But if you act like a dick then its a bit hard isn’t it.


This this a great question, especially since it take longer than an hour to achieve!!