How to achieve Trust Level 1 (Basic User)


I will have extra time this next week so I can at least get to Trust Level 1 , thanks got off to a rocky start at the beginning so I take a mulligan on be all informed and ready to tee off in couple of weeks
Cheers Mark


You already are Trust Level 1 (also called Basic) :slightly_smiling_face:


JPL! Thanks ! Those letters Jet Propulsion Laboratory they had Grand Finale of the Cassini Project to Saturn amazing photo s and videos


You can’t farm MAIDsafe coins. In the future you can farm SAFEcoins, but not until the network launches.


Can anyone explain to me why I should read all these topics and posts to use the safe-browser? Who invented it and for what purpose?


Are you asking about the browser and SAFE network? If so, please take a look here:


Let me know how it goes. I think the project is worthy, but they need to
get moving. Others are coming.



SAFEcoin is not implemented yet, so there is no way to charge for network access or account creation. The invitation system is to counter spam attacks.


I believe that I have completed the required things (based on my account summary) to get an invitation; however, I haven’t received the upgrade or an invitation… What to do?

#49 and click on the circle, get your token and set your IP.


Can we use the same token for different computer on different IP address ?
Eg: Office laptop and Home PC


Just goto the invite site and re-register your IP


I wanted to type “LOL”, but I need at least 20 characters.


Trust level one, I guess it depends on the time you have to read the posts, ok, I get it but a pain when I simply wished to look at Alpha 2, back tomorrow for another try :slight_smile:


I have done all the requirements but still shows up at new user. Is there someone I need to ping or does it take a while?



Either the 1Hr showing is a rounding up of the actual read time or the discourse software doesn’t update to level 1 for those who joined less than 24 hours ago. I still have not figured out which.

I suggest you read posts for a bit more.


Thanks. I’ll continue and see how it is tomorrow.


Its a great idea and I encourage it. One of the features I once read about a email tax to limit email spamming, Bill Gates had proposed something similar. Some form of human time effort to open an email or a form of processor tax, limiting the speed at which an email is sent.


thanx for the clarification.
I can’t wait to get it


I have 1h of reading time, I’ve read more than 180 posts, and I’ve viewed more than 30 topics, but I don’t have trust level 1 yet. Can anyone tell me why?