How to achieve Trust Level 1 (Basic User)

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Having read the start of this topic you should have seen the link to the list of things needed to achieve trust level 1 (Basic User)

entering 30 topics (entering means looking at the topics)
read 180 posts
spend 60 minutes reading posts on the forum.


How can I know how many topics I already read? I mean where can I find it?

You can click on this

It will show how many | topics created | Replies posted | topics viewed | posts Read | by yourself at the top then a rank list of the others.


hello all, for after getting all the requirements, to my knowlege anyways, i am not sure what i am missing but it still says i have to be trust level 1 to log on i though i met all the requirements not sure what i am missing can someone help me out?

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You’ve only viewed 28 topics and need to view 2 more.


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I also want to become level 1, because I am very much ancestor to be able to test the app. Let’s go there and read the forum to get there shortly.
Let’s go, Brazil. :brazil:


This is me, reading the forum to achieve level 1.


thats me too right now :slight_smile:


I’m sure you also have a caipirinha while reading :grin:


Made a few of those over the summer, along with pisco sours :yum: not always with pisco!

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u need just reading :grin:

Is there a way one can figure out their progress on the way to trust level 1?


Yes- double click on your avatar (green T) and you’ll be able to see your stats, most of them at least.

Ignore post. I found the answer above this.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hmmm. Been surfing for about 30 minutes. I don’t appear on the list. Is there a time delay?

I do show up when I toggle from “All-time” to “Today”.


It’s a slow progress towards Level 1 user, so don’t worry @theklinckify I’m on the same boat as you too :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m getting that. I guess bots aren’t that dedicated. Made it to basic though. My big concern is that I’ve known about Maidsafe for a long time. Was kind of hoping they would be household names by now.

I got trust level 1 this morning, after “1h read time” and "200 posts read"
you can get status information at “Summary” menu in your profile.

good luck !