How to achieve Trust Level 1 (Basic User)


Not meant to be safer as such, but to slowdown the account spammers that want to fill up the network. To make it an hour of actually doing things compared to almost instant is really a lot of protection.


How do I know my user trust level? I’d like to try on alpha too


Click on your profile icon. You are Basic = Trust Level 1 :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great to hear. Thanks mate


This is my first post :slight_smile: I would like to get trust level 1 :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.

Having read the start of this topic you should have seen the link to the list of things needed to achieve trust level 1 (Basic User)

entering 30 topics (entering means looking at the topics)
read 180 posts
spend 60 minutes reading posts on the forum.

10 key facts about SAFE Network

How can I know how many topics I already read? I mean where can I find it?


You can click on this

It will show how many | topics created | Replies posted | topics viewed | posts Read | by yourself at the top then a rank list of the others.


hello all, for after getting all the requirements, to my knowlege anyways, i am not sure what i am missing but it still says i have to be trust level 1 to log on i though i met all the requirements not sure what i am missing can someone help me out?


You’ve only viewed 28 topics and need to view 2 more.


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I also want to become level 1, because I am very much ancestor to be able to test the app. Let’s go there and read the forum to get there shortly.
Let’s go, Brazil. :brazil:


This is me, reading the forum to achieve level 1.


thats me too right now :slight_smile:


I’m sure you also have a caipirinha while reading :grin:


Made a few of those over the summer, along with pisco sours :yum: not always with pisco!


u need just reading :grin:


Is there a way one can figure out their progress on the way to trust level 1?


Yes- double click on your avatar (green T) and you’ll be able to see your stats, most of them at least.


Ignore post. I found the answer above this.