How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State


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That was excellent!

Although very full and a bit of an effort to plough through it all after a day of already staring at a screen.

Thanks for posting it.

@philip_rhoades Trump thinks he can get the public to bailout the fossil fuel industry again even beyond its usual subsidies. We need to call that out for what it is we’ve done it too many times already. I saw a stat that from 94 to 2004 the number of retail gas stations declined by 16%. That to me suggests that the 08 collapse was due to petrol and decreasing EROI and strain on society. It was already dying and we bailed it out with all the austerity BS. I think we have been bailing it out 1x a decade since 70 with one manufactured crisis after another. If you look at derivatives which courts say are impractical to audit- they are all now almost all going to insure oil to insure the basis for a US currency tied to petrol. Its nonsense because petrol is dead and will never be profitable again and the players involved with it were paid off long ago. It wasn’t housing, there was a reason Greenspan told people to invest in VARs. Bailout prior to 08 was Enron-911-Iraq2-Afganistan- result 3-4 years later: collapse. So honestly at this point (especially given climate change) to quote Musk: F×÷k! Oil. This time they want to sacrifice pensions and social security.

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