How the Catalan government uses IPFS to sidestep Spain's legal block

Voting is tomorrow, but I think in the future the SAFE community should run a community powered network and actively support these actions to demo the SAFE Network. It’s way too late now, maybe next time around we can have something set up. safe:// sure would have looked nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Should we have a community powered SAFE Network?


We would need to replicate the protections (invite system), which means it is a lot of work. Also, it may simply fall over if it attracts a lot of use, which for something with a pressing need like this could easily do - so completely the wrong impression. Same goes if we just used alpha2.

So while I like the idea, I think we need a stable capable network first and I don’t think the community can provide that with what we have atm, sorry :man_shrugging: <- supposed to be a man shrugging lol [shrugs]


If you hover your mouse over the little image it gives a description that says what it is.


Voting on mobile phones for the Catalan election is a great idea and possible still necessary considering the amount of police that has been sent to Catalonia.

How large is “the community” at the moment?