How soon after Fleming do you think Maxwell will be released?


How soon after Fleming do you think Maxwell will be released?


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and can we have a roadmap for that?

Oh wait… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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between 12 months and 24 months. Remember that the last 20% can take 80% of the time.


Well considering the major components are in Fleming then Maxwell should not take as long as Fleming will take.

We already had vaults and so it is being updated for the new components and restricting MDs to ADs which is basically what alpha 2 had anyhow.

That will mainly apply to each component (eg PARSEC followed this but now done). And then the final touch ups that will occur during beta will also fall foul of this principle but since the components will be basically done in Maxwell, I’d say 80% will not apply since most of it is involved in each component. Also where did you get 20/80 rule. Each project will be different depending on how it is compartmentalised. In the old days when projects were one huge blob of programming then 20/80 might have been close, but with sectionalised project then it follows a different path.

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Minimum after 1 year hard work


I am just telling 20/90, but it can be 10/90. It’s just that as a dev, I know that in a project the last sprints are the more difficult. You have all main the main components but you still have to fix hundreds of small things, test everything to make sure all is working fine, etc.

Usually it’s not the more exciting part as a developer. Very difficult to keep the motivation and this can lead to a decrease of productivity.

Plus you always have unexpected things which will be added to the list of tasks. Some problems which seems easy to fix might be harder than expected.

Let’s see, the future will tell us.

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Late 2021 is my guess. Anything earlier will be a bonus


2020 is best guess , lucky 20…


6 to 12 months.

I don’t know if this makes any sense, but:

I think that Fleming in more difficult and exact achievement, it is about the engine running or not, so it must be done really right. That’s why it is difficult to predict let alone set a date for release.

Maxwell on the other hand can be released so that farming, testsafecoin, spam handling… work so and so, and iterated from there. So there might become a point when a couple of these work quite ok, but the one doesn’t, but “what the heck, let’s push it out anyway”.

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