It is essential we start to discuss and think about how we will attract people to SAFE.

One of the biggest hurdles for any website, app, network or in this case all of the above is attracting people to use their services, consume their content or pay for their goods. Traffic.

It is well known sites like Reddit created fake accounts to post on their own forum and Quora had their employees post and answer and their own questions.

This is one way to go about it.

Another is the way of Australia’s largest forum; Whirlpool. The tactic Whirlpool used was to not create too many forums. They just had the one, and hence it appeared full, all the time. It was purposeful apparently. If they created dozens of forums and sub-forums their site would have appeared empty and no one would have wanted to use it.

So, what will our tactic be?

Could we potentially do something similar to Whirlpool?

What if we migrated this forum with its already existing accounts, posts and all the rest to SAFE and made it the first available website…what if we took it a step further and kept an unwritten oath to hold back for say just a little while on flooding the network with too many options…?

Some things to think about.


I agree in many ways, but is it not funny that you had to use 3 (brand) names for the same group to say that?


How about once a month, or two… live town hall broadcast on YouTube. Followed by Q & A, perhaps a guest speaker?

Maybe provide oculus rift / 3D YouTube broadcast? So people can V-in… that gimik in itself would attract people.

When asked my opinion about what IPFS is doing, I responded with “I don’t think IPFS knows what they themselves are doing.” Reverse-engineering from the filecoin token is dumb and exposes motives/mal-aligned incentives. Moreover, and more importantly, decentralizing the data indicators doesn’t decentralize the data! You’d think this would have been obvious…at least the seed is now planted. Tick Tock!



Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone’s even worried about marketing. The SafeNetwork promises permanent data storage. That’s a game-changer in so many ways. I don’t think even any of the competing decentralized storage networks are offering that.

If it’s achieved, the utility of the Safe Network will be self-evident, and you won’t be able to keep it a secret.


We should have products that appeal to masses, that can only work in SAFE.

For example, we could have virtual counterpart to love locks. There could be a site where is 3D -models of famous bridges around the world and you can place your customizable immutable love lock there. They get full as does the real bridges. “Only limited amount of places available”, “Be the first!” etc.

Or they could be suitable places from game worlds etc.

It’s not just the properties of the Safenet we should advertise. I think that from the marketing point of view we should think about all the silly and funny things that can be done in Safenet only, utilizing the properties of the network in a creative way.