How open will the network itself be to working with other networks?

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So after the network starts getting it’s app billionaires, there will inevitably be companies that will desire to create a “safenet distro” tailored to fit the needs of the respective company’s application. For instance, a safetube would be concerned with speed and protecting itself from the RIAA and the odd hacker, but wouldn’t be too concerned with protecting itself against NSA level threats, so safetube would gladly use a less secure network… ruleset for lack of a better term, for the benefit of better latency/speed. Also, different apps will inevitably like or dislike different features of the network. Rather it’s the lack of ability for users to donate resources to a specific app or safecoin itself, take your pick of the feature. Either way, all of the safenet distros are going to want to benefit from having access to the combined resources of all of the safenet distros.

So the question is, how friendly will the network be to these safenet distros? I know that safenet forks will be able to view and communicate with safenet, but would safenet let safenet forks participate in farming for instance?

Think of the SAFE network as a large single brain, there may be others with their own safecoin, but they will not interoperate at the network level, but maybe humans will interoperate to transfer cash between them (as with any currency/forex type thing). They will also not share data with the current design as both will require payment form the other to store and it will mean too many copies really. However if the network became a true network of networks then it gets very interesting indeed, but imagine explaining that one to folk :smiley:

This will all get interesting after this one is up and running of course :wink:


Not unlike how our universe is make up of galaxies. And the multiverses (if you subscribe to that particular theory) are made up of universes. Cool stuff.

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