How often you check your portfolio? How many $ you wait for one maid? etc


  1. How often you check your portfolio? And do you have some rafine strategy to avoid it?
  2. What number $ for one maid you wait could be in future?


I rarely check. I just want to exchange them for SNT and then maybe sell some off once the networks been live for a while!

  1. Never
  2. One billion dollar

I only check how much MAID and eMAID I have. As long as that keeps increasing I’m happy. :slight_smile:

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I know by heart how many Maid I have in my portfolio…
Right now, with liquidity in my pocket to increase my maid’s suitcase, as soon as I see some good clue for it…

2- I am satisfied with the price…not so with time…I want to retire and live peacefully with my wife and give stability to my children…
Perhaps, if one day soon, it reaches $50/$60…I will keep my promise to do so. I understand that you have to have a strategy…
If it reaches that price, I sell my maid suitcase, and I keep a small bag to continue feeling what I feel now, keeping Maid in my bag.

PS 1; Does anyone have a good clue to increase my suitcase?

PD2: Do you think I will retire on time or, on the contrary, will I have to continue dreaming and working as always?

Maybe I missed it but what is your timeline for retirement? Like in how many years?

Mainly you and the rest of us are relying entirely on launch of the network, conversion to the real utility token, and then a good strategy for mass adoption and on/off ramps to fiat or exchanges.

Unless there is a bunch of marketing hype and increased liquidity in a secular bull market in the next two years, that is the only way you could sell a large bag without affecting price and having made enough profit.

Once we actually launch/convert/etc it’s anyones guess on price really. Many long time investors would likely dump immediately if they already hadn’t yet, the smart ones would wait even longer for mass adoption but that can take a long time so if there was enough hype at launch maybe that’s be the best bet.

I think if token price is important to people it’s essential to have market makers. They are kinda an evil thing really, to those who are looking to trade that can be outwitted by them. What the small time trader loses, the market maker takes from them but the market makers can also drive price action and help provide necessary liquidity to grow a tokens price and adoption. That is something I have my doubts that Maidsafe would ever partake in, personally but if enough community members with modest bags came together, they could hire a professional MM firm to do so AFAIK. It would probably be worth it long and short term for the remainder of everyone’s personal allocation to do so.

If I was to land on a round number in such a scenario, short term after launch I think $20. Not sure why. After a MM is in place, another thing to consider besides how much circulating supply at launch, market cap, and previous price action would be how much competing projects like FIL, HBAR, SIA, STORJ, are all pricing in at. That could be one of the better gauges of what we should or could expect.

A great comparison of a project not growing in price to another is HBAR compared to FIL. They both had ICO’s only accessible to accredited and angel investors. AFAIK FIL have MM’s, and I know for a fact that the company that sold HBAR was opposed to and did not engage in MM.

Look at the price, performance, and hype difference between FIL and HBAR and if you are at all concerned with price of our token then that should show you what we as a community, secondary to our main concern of mass adoption for EVERYONE (rich or poor) and positive impact to the world, should focus on before an official launch/conversion so we are prepared.

I think @Sotros25 would probably back me up here and I hope when that time comes she could help spearhead such a community project because if everyone pitched in a small percentage of our bags it would benefit price, trader activity, exchange adoption, token adoption, protocol adoption, etc across the board long term.

We could grow more slowly and organically as well and that sounds great but to see what you might be expecting in that scenario, we’ll have probably been so far into retirement we’d be too senile to remember what we did with our keys.

Food for thought. Open to discussion or other opinions.


I don’t understand the purpose of what seems like some on this forum under selling what this project can be worth. So I will give you an alternative.

This project is much better and more advanced than example Filecoin, currently placed 27th on coingecko with a market cap of $3 billion. Let that be a minimum at launch but we should expect SNT to reach top 10 around launch around $12 billion.

With the dilution small investors will suffer, doesn’t seem to be a way around that, initial price could expected to be $2 - $8 per coin, at current market condition.

market cap: 3 ----- 12 ----- 70
Current supply: 1,5 ----- 1,5 ----- 1,5
Price: 3/1,5 = $2 ---- 12/1,5 = $8 ---- 70/1,5 = 47

A Year after release, Safenetwork token (SNT) should be expected to reach top 3 in market cap, that would give at current market conditions a $70 billion market cap and a price of $47.

Conditioned that the dilution of the supply don’t go mental and floods the market with new coins during the first year.

I don’t understand the argument that it will take time for fiat on/off ramps.
Any centralized exchange should be able to implement wallets very quick, similar to other crypto chain coin/tokens. As founder and core team will manage a whopping around 200 million SNT, it would be in their best interest and the project to get SNT on some big exchanges and pay for some marketing. A few million dollar will be pocket money for such a large bags of SNT.

When the world gets to see that Safenetwork is much better than Filecoin or Tor, then the news about the new network combined with marketing will spread like wildfire around the globe. We should believe that the Safenetwork will be that good that it will go to the Moon, Mars and beyond, otherwise what is the point.

These predictions is based on current market conditions, if Bitcoin goes moon then expect price of SNT to follow in similar pattern, if BTC crash expect SNT to follow a similar pattern and adjust your expectations. Calculations are used approximate numbers.


Market makers are not evil by nature, their job is to provide liquidity to markets and make gains on the spread between sell and buy price. You mean market manipulators?


… because it take x year to trust people in btc and its so much easier project imo, to top 3 after year release its too optimistic imo

Maybe I’m incorrect here, you’re right about them providing liquidity but do they not also seek liquidity in the market to profit themselves and on behalf of who they MM for?

I see some of them basically offer different strategies where you can almost control price and volitility (less volume), obviously only to a certain extent as far as price goes.

Also don’t mean they are definitively evil, just that because of how I understand that they operate and being so much more sophisticated in their trading strategies and amount available to trade, small fish (people like us if we were to actively trade) mostly are just food and don’t stand a high chance of success against them.

I believe that is only the case for markets were there is almost no interest. Important to have fees for trading at an exchange, if no fees then you can cause a lot of fake volume and affect the price on markets with very low liquidity.

As crypto tend to be a lawless djungle that opens up for exchanges example front running and other activities. I can’t delve deeper cause I don’t know much about it, just thinking out loud this time. It feels like a large amount of the crypto world could be manipulation, tether, binance and similar.

If you can provide references that would be good.


Yeah I’ll try to provide a direct link to from which I had gleaned this understanding, tonight if I can.

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After the sales pitch I received, I had hoped that the shares I had bought in Maidsafe would have allowed me to retire at a very young age.

From what I have read, shareholders will get diddly squat in relation to their expected returns.

It’s so complex now I’ve absolutely no idea what I have, where we are and if I’ll even get a return on the initial investment…….

This quote here is one bit but I’m off to bed for now.

“Your potential profits come from three main sources: trading, arbitrage and token liquidation. Trading income is generated by our unique trading algorithms as well as execution of of our state of the art man-made strategies.”

And this one

“- We want to have control over the market

We don’t simply trade like any other actor - we utilize our analysis to convince other participants to behave the way we want them. Our actions help stop routs, support bullish trends and generate beneficial levels of structure and TA patterns to have the market just the way we want it.”

Again, I don’t see it as definitely evil but just like you said, manipulative. At least some of the approaches. Still I think a MM will be a good thing to have for Safe Token price performance, and accessibility. Which MM could a community trust and work with? That I’m not sure as I don’t have experience there or personally know any reputable players.

Maybe an autonomous network like Safe only needs an autonomous market maker like UniSwap?

5 years ago when I was explaining how magical it was there was only 80 million locked in it…

I find it hard to believe that people are still talking about paying a centralized company for this service after FTX and Alamida but…

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Yeah, I think AMM’s are such a great alternative but they come with the impermanent loss do they not? Besides not as flexible and adaptive as a MM firm. Many will still use CEX’s and let’s face it, the biggest exchanges are still CEX’s (at least for now) and since they are the ones who make the effort to onboard new money and new participants, it makes sense to align yourself with an MM that can get you on those exchanges, provide liquidity there, make you money off arbitrage, and have strategies that can influence trends for consumer confidence.

All around I think an MM is part of a launch strategy to increase adoption by a group of people that may only slightly overlap with support of the protocol but will importantly support the network token. This should increase awareness and word of mouth, use on the network too.


The easiest way to avoid impermanent loss is to use stablecoins that don’t change in value. For instance, Curve only contains assets that hold the same or very similar values, including stablecoins like USDC and DAI or different wrapped versions of the same underlying asset, like wBTC and sBTC.

Source: What is Impermanent Loss & How to Avoid It | ZenLedger

eMAID is listed as eMAID/USDC so there you go.

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I think this is true. I’m curious to see what marketing plans MaidSafe deploys to promote a successful launch. I also wonder how the Foundation & BGF can / will be leveraged to support effective marketing, inclusive of exchange listings and promoting token access.


@Sotros25 I guess Jim is at the stage of working up a launch strategy. Not that it’d be expected for him to do any or everything this community would deem appropriate, I think your perspective and opinions are always extremely enlightening to everyone here. If you have the time and are so inclined, where would you start personally regarding a launch strategy?


You mean in marketing way?

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