How much to invest in SAFE

Mods please feel free to move this topic if required. So over the last couple of months I’ve found myself relatively convincing at getting a number of my colleagues on board with SAFE. I work in the IT sector so have restricted talking about SAFE outside of these circles to avoid eyes glazing over

Once people wrap their head around the actual concept their questions ultimately turn to asking me how to invest in SAFE or more specifically what is the risk reward profile.

On a more important level I guess I firstly always stress actions like testing the network and providing feedback as being more important than anything else.

Having related backgrounds they understand this however always come back to me with the same aged old question that dogged most of us when we first wanted to invest in MAID “well what should I invest other than my time, tell me what’s a good amount of money to invest?”.

I try to answer as grounded as I can and whilst outlining the amazing potential of the tech outline what tasks are left and how any level of success is not guaranteed.

The old saying around here is “only invest as much as you can afford to lose” and whilst that is very sound advice I’ve found an easier way to relate to the average guy/girl under the age of 50 is ask them well what are you prepared to sacrifice for an opportunity at a once in a lifetime investment (I stress the word opportunity here).

Once I ask someone what they usually waste away each week on things like their leisure activities, drinking, partying etc my response is “well there’s your number, based on how long you think you can compromise going without those things in exchange for this freakish opportunity”

I think the ‘only invest what you can afford to lose’ mantra is a good baseline but doesn’t really provide people with a lot of scope as to what the really ‘can’ afford to lose.

Non risk adverse people can afford to lose a lot these days and still survive (Credit/Bankruptcy etc etc etc) so i’m finding myself veering a little away from that and advising them to only invest what they are prepared to ‘sacrifice’ for a ‘chance’ at this project coming off. I find this tends to lead to their investment being a little bit more reserved than what I would otherwise expect but think it’s probably best given most new people in the crypto world don’t have the risk tolerance/gamble that many of us do.

I guess the purpose of this post is to ask all of you both new and old how you approached this subject not only with yourself but with those who come to you for advice in this regard?

Normally, in most areas of life, you give people the basics and let them fend for themselves but the neat thing in this community when it comes to our pockets for better or worse we are slowly learning to be smarter and have less ‘gamble’ something that can’t be said for a number of other communities.

Let me know your thoughts and how you approach/approached this subject as I think it’s one that very relevant and the many new eyes in this space over the next 12-24 months would benefit from reading :smiley:


The risk reward profile is dictated by the starting point as much as the potential destination. Whatever SAFEcoin ends up at, starting at 1c, 10c or $1 makes all the difference to how good the ‘bet’ looks in terms of your risk-reward. The chances of SAFE succeeding have improved over the last 2 years, but not by more than 40X as the price has. The risk reward profile has therefore fallen a little by my reckoning. The risks are lower as development has solved problems, but risk drops have not kept up with price increases because it was hugely undervalued before… and still is of course.

At 1.5c I did my nut on MAID and I advised every person I spoke to do the same. It was obvious a speculator could do many Xs from there and withdraw the stake to freeroll a great bet to be a billionaire in 2025 ;).

Now I generally say to people… “there’s a reasonable chance this investment will go 1000x or more over the mid-long term. By reasonable I mean a better than 100:1 chance of it succeeding and going >1000:1. [God knows the real odds, but I feel confident saying better than 100:1] :wink: If a casino gave those odds they would go bust pretty quickly. It seems silly not to bet a grand and give yourself a chance at millionaire bragging rights. Just remember it is a bet and count is as spent money because you’ll be waiting a few years for the biggest end of the return spectrum so you’re committed to a high-risk gamble. Say goodbye to your money and hello to a long-term lottery ticket with a chance of actually winning!”

Call it a ‘bet’ not investment imo, that gets people used to the idea of saying goodbye to the money when they ‘spend’ it. No one should think of it as liquid. It’s crazy to take the risk for 3x or 4x and then sell at that late stage imo. If it starts going up like that it means things are working and looking good so it is a long term HODL for the actual adoption/utility jumps.

I guess a lot depends who you’re talking to. If I’m aware the person I’m talking to is more strapped for cash I’ll tell them to try to get a few hundred quid together if they can so their money isn’t swallowed up by fees. If they’re more comfortable I tend to advise people to stick at least a grand in though. I actually think it has much better than 100:1 chance of success of course, so it is an amazing bet and any idiot can see they should have a taste. :grin: As you so rightly say, it is a real once-in-a-lifetime ‘black swan’ event. Ignoring opportunities like these is a recipe for regret. Always take bets that have odds in your favour imo, that’s how casinos get rich.


Bitcoin was the first crypto coin and had to battle on many fronts to gain trust, it’s paved the way.
Crypto coins go up in value faster now because of all the ground work and enlightenment that bitcoin gave.

Now attach a service to a crypto coin, and do crypto in a smarter way - being the first non-block chain crypto is a massive buy flag for SAFE.

How many to buy? If you could go back in time when bitcoin was $0.60, how many bitcoins would you buy? Buy that many. Then buy in a small amount each pay day for as long as you
feel comfortable with the price.

Blockchains will have to be hosted on the SAFE network to survive, they are too large. Bitcoin will depend upon SAFE in the future.


Thanks for that perspective. I’ve invested a small amount of “what I can afford to lose” but I’m interested in this as a growing endeavor, and honestly - bizarrely! - didn’t even consider investing more with each paycheck. But of course! I am more than happy to not only support the principles of this work but be a part of the community that knows there is something special coming.