How much time do we still have with Maidsafecoin?

The bitcoin landscape is becoming competitive/distorted. Unfortunately I can’t find it, but I read something about planning/joining a private blockchain. Now imagine on a private blockchain and Omniwallet on bitcoin core or classic.

The problem of transferring your Maidsafecoin to exchange 1:1 with SAFEcoin, becomes clear. When you got different bitcoin implementations or a private blockchain in the mix for that matter that don’t talk to each other. If my Maidsafecoin are on, but the burn address is on Omniwallet with a different implementation, do I have a problem?

I realize that I can always lookup how many Maidsafecoin I got on Omniwallet, but what if there comes a time when you can’t transfer them?

This is interesting but too hypothetical to spend time on I think.

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There may be other sources, but here’s one that talks about the branching of and others to also develop private blockchains.

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I think of this as, and any others so inclined, parlaying their work and expertise in Bitcoin tech into more income sources, not necessarily as a comment on Bitcoin itself.

I just hope that we can all get off bitcoin’s foundation ASAP. Don’t get me wrong bitcoin was and will stay my first love in this space.

With the SAFE Network up and running, all our worries is: creating apps and having fun
:stuck_out_tongue: So I’m going spin this baby up.

Happy SAFE Network testing sir :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree, but it doesn’t worry me. Except for continued trading of MAID pre launch, Bitcoin could crash and burn right now and it wouldn’t prevent transferring MAID to the SAFE Network via a special instance from a copy of the blockchain.


How much time do we still have with Maidsafecoin? Until July 2016, I was to lazy to talk about the Bitcoin halving (luckily somebody else did :stuck_out_tongue: ) the doomsday scenario follows:

I realize that we can just hardfork bitcoin adjust the block time and even bring down the hashing value, but it also means that Omni and in my case got to stay online and moveover to our hardforked bitcoin. In some cases people have their Maidsafecoins on exchanges (bad idea)…

I don’t even want to imagine what the bitcoin landscape will be like in July 2016…

I’m sorry for this post period, but sometimes I can’t help but think about it…

SAFE Network I love you, because you let me think about opportunities and possibilities :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do understand your concerns. I think Bitcoin will be okay, but if not, we’ll have to do what it takes to get the MAID ported. That’s all there is to it.


If you export your keys, you can import them into an offline client. It is good to have a backup either way!

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