How much separation between Safe "Internet" and its unparalleled "cloud" Storage?

Would there be any way that people can enjoy the cloud hard drive storage months or years before the Network aspect becomes perfected? Or are they one in the same?

Even just the storage aspect is absurdly important for the world.


The Roadmap seems to be clear that the current focus is on the [Perpetual Web] as the first big footfall.

to ensure that public data is permanent and can never be deleted. Individuals and groups can choose to keep their data private, but once it’s been made public, it will remain permanently available.

and then afterwards will follows [Private Communications] and then [Take Control of Your Data] and then Digital Economy. Some of those might have elements of parallel but reads that data storage would necessarily come first and all those options for use of it will follow, which makes sense…


Basically the same.

The Internet is interconnected computers. It has developed into user computers connecting to servers mainly, but as Torrents/SAFE/etc shows you can still talk computer to computer.

The Web is basically storing web pages and servers doing database operations to supply tailored data, and the browser executing html/script to request various files from the web to fill in the web page.

SAFE at its core is protocols and storage which mimics the Internet and web page delivery. The web portion being developed at this stage is using the storage to deliver files to the browser. Basically the browser is the web specific portion of SAFE plus some special uses for say Name Resolution.

These test nets have focused on the storage and not the browser, although the browser is not anywhere the work of the storage and protocols.