How much I want to be able to make apps!


Sounds great. Are you already doing the weekly lessons? If so, let me know when and how to join in. If not, let’s make a time that would be most convenient for you anyone else who’s interested. My schedule’s flexible; the only consideration would be timezone differences (I’m in Europe) but even that I can accommodate…


I don’t know about weekly lessons; I don’t even know if there’s enough material to really last more than maybe 3 lessons

All there really is is safe-js right now, and there’s probably less than 10 commands I can really go over. I don’t know how to “drop cipher handles” with AD /SD or anything like that.

Maybe @hunterlester can hop in and teach those lessons :smiley: that would be awesome


I’m in for anything, really. :slight_smile:

Buckling down this weekend to make it as far as I can with JS.


I think it would be great if some of the senior app devs for safe contributed to a learning hub of sorts. Maybe we can start one here? Fill it with all sorts of walk through tutorial and videos. categorise from novice beginner onward.

REQUEST: For Training Category

“Mentor” sorry little dark humour. Lol