How much I want to be able to make apps!

Firstly I am not sure this the right category, perhaps as it is kinda personal it is off-topic but I am putting it in community so maybe others within this community can get inspired also…

Inspired by @whiteoutmashups and @hunterlester I am doing something I should have done a long time ago. Going to try to bust my ass, get learning, so that I can code apps for SAFE.

Recommended by @hunterlester I signed up for

Tonight was sign-up night, tomorrow day is regular job, i am going to try to do my best in the future and at least put in an hour a day (hopefully a lot more as the whole course is over 2000 hours !!) This marks the date of my official beginning.

To hold me accountable and to maybe inspire others you can check out my progress (as of now there is none as I just signed up and went through the first steps ) here:

Hope to see those interested on there.


Impressive! I’m tempted to do the same. What language are you going to learn? Javascript?


Just getting a like from @dirvine makes everything so much worth it ! No @dirvine you are not my savior but yes you are one of my inspirations. A very strong personal thank you !


You know I have no idea, I have a semi-technical long drawn out off and on history with computers. To refresh and solidify I am going to follow their map from step one all the way to the end. Following link shows their map:

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I like perseverance and determination, it’s a special and important skill :thumbsup:


well, i hope to do you proud, within the year i will give you a nudge to show that progress bar, I better hurry up if I want to be ahead of the curve on SAFE apps !


Looks like a great approach. Tell you what, I’m signing up! :grinning:

Years ago I taught myself C++ from a book but hit a wall and never really used it. More recently I’ve had a go at learning Python which is much easier, not just because the syntax is simpler but also because having struggled through C++ the core concepts (loops, objects etc) are familiar, which is half of the battle. Although it could be handy for my job, I’m learning it out of interest rather than for a specific purpose. As a non-techie I could really do with more background though, and that looks ideal. The ‘free’ bit doesn’t hurt either.


Excellent. See you there! To SAFE and beyond !


Congratulations, James!

Of all the information out there to learn programming, a big piece that’s missing is the mental game of how to approach discouragement and other personal demons.

You may have that down already, but you can always shout out to @whiteoutmashups or myself if you need help.


Guys this is so awesome!!!

We really need a better place to shout out to each other with real audio so we can chat code, inspiration etc. I know we have a SAFE Network Discord that allows group audio chats does anyone have the link?

This is also what I’m trying to help with by finishing my tutorial site, which is supposed to take people from never coding before to making simple SAFE web apps and more!

For anyone starting out I recommend html and javascript because you can literally learn the basics in one day and then use that to make your first SAFE Web App!

Also with things like Electron (used by MaidSafe for their demo app) and Cordova, you can make all sorts of desktop and mobile software just by knowing html css and javascript ONLY :smiley:

I’ve heard people say this is the direction software development looks like its going in the long run, as the line further blurs between websites and apps. Start with them, especially for SAFE :slight_smile: they’re also the easiest!

Let’s get to it!! Post on here and we can schedule group discord chats sometimes!


The link is :slight_smile:


well hey I’m home if anyone wants to talk code :smiley:


I had an idea, that I might schedule a set time where I give a lesson in Google Hangouts that walks everyone through making a simple html page, and giving a simple CSS / JS intro,

and then using that knowledge to make a very simple SAFE-JS app live. And theeen an extra credit exercise where I port that app to Windows, Mac & Linux with Electron aaaaand to iOS / Android with Cordova :smiley: (maybe not cordova; need to set up lots of android / iPhone virtual devices for that actually :stuck_out_tongue: )

but would anyone sign up for that? totally free of course, but everyone logs into Hangouts at the same time and I screenshare my desktop and give a free SAFE App creation lesson? You would be able to ask questions but try not to detract from the lesson too much.

Would anyone sign up and watch that? can schedule a time

If anyone would like that just say so below and we can schedule a time for everyone


I think that^^ could be a great format, like SAFE devs can share bits of things here n there for everyone to follow along live and ask questions,

like I could do one for basic SAFE Web App creation, and @hunterlester could do one for StructuredData / AD in safe-js or something, and other people could give little walkthrough lessons in relevant areas of code that they have some expertise in.

Sounds cool / useful? everybody grows from it :smiley:

If people want me to do a lesson like that then we can pick a time and I can put up this little tool on the forums here that will countdown to the live lesson, so people don’t have to get confused with time zones etc:


I have some things to wrap us this week, then diving in… Would be great to meet up weekly…

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Still wrapping things up but I just had a meeting with a “core engineer” who works for a pretty cool forum software company we all know and love :wink: Offered to mentor me and have weekly meetings, things are looking good. The rest is up to me.


I’d be super interested in such a meetup/hangout. The SAFE ecosystem excites the hell out of me. Not a pro, but can write full applications in C/Python and have a fairly good systems and architectural base.


I’ll try and follow your lead, great idea! Just signed up as well, buzzy times ahead for me though :slight_smile: :bee:


Thanks @hunterlester and @jm5 for the recommendation- I’ve recently signed up as well. I’m new to programming and have wanted to change that fact for some time. With the SAFE network and its committed community there’s all the reason to get started.

Maybe I’m too late to the thread, but If you’re conducting these lessons, @whiteoutmashups, I’d love to sit in and watch. I’m still in programming kindergarten so I’m not sure how much I would be able to follow but sometimes the best way to learn is to jump right in. I’m game.


Yeah man I’m thinking next week

Safe-js walk-through, making web page apps for SAFE