How much does the security of SAFE depend on the security of hashes?

The SAFE Network uses hash functions many places (SHA-3 now?). If someone built a datacenter full of custom ASICs that could calculate trillions of hashes per second, could they do any attacks against the SAFE network or would it still be SAFE?

What do you see that could happen.

For instance if I chunk up a file and then you take the hashes and do your asic stuff, what is the result?

For a given hash of 128 bits or 256 bits there will be multiple possible source data that all give the hash. Thus even if you reverse the hash you cannot be sure of the source data. There could be billions of possible sources for a given hash.

The trick is that it is nigh on impossible for anyone to have two different sources giving the same hash, but in the reverse you never know which of the reversed hashes is the correct one.


Yeah, I don’t really see how it would be useful for an attack, was just wondering if someone else could think of something.

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From my example you can see that because the source cannot be reconstructed with any confidence at all then reversing hashes will very likely be of no benefit in breaching anonymity or security

The area of interest then turns into using the hashes themselves to try and collect information.