How much do you plan to upload to the SAFE network?

When the SAFE network goes live, how much data do you plan to upload to it?

I have between maybe 10-100 GB of photos / video definitely I’d want to upload as private backups, but probably would be after a year of the network being live since it’s private and I want it to be very confident in the risk of it remaining private.

Personal code / data repositories is about another 300 GB so not really that much to upload overall.

How much do you plan to upload?



That would be about what i would have.

Now if Pay the Provider (PtP) is implemented then I have significantly more public domain stuff that many people might be interested in.

So lets say between 500GB and a couple of TB


About 500 GB of private data for personal use plus incremental backups/versioning data, but it will depend on cost, and level of confidence in the network to keep its promises, including the projected number of years of “perpetual” storage.


Same here. About 500gb for personal but that depends on cost and apps that make it easy for me to upload, view etc. I’m mainly wanting to store personal photo and video and use it as a type of secure cloud service.


I plan to upload public data for about 100 euros per month (10% of my monthly earnings). Of course, if the price of SafeCoin is raised, I will upload for a lot more money… :wink:


I could upload all my personal stuff which would be about 3TB but I potentially could have 100s (1,000s eventually) of TBs to upload for my non-profit:

once it starts doing hi-res brains scans . .


It depends on what kind of tools are available. I think I could set my work computer to use SAFE Drive simultaneously with Dropbox for automatic backups, even in a quite early phase. Yes, the files are kind of private, but accidental exposure would not be that bad. Maybe 300-500GB / year.


I think backup can start very soon rather than waiting for confidence in privacy (ie encrypt before upload), so I wouldn’t expect many who want to use it for backup will delay.

For me I think I’ll start by doing a few tests, then providing price is reasonable I’ll be backing up several hundred gigabytes.

Over time I expect apps will make this more convenient and efficient, but I don’t expect my backup volume to increase that much after the initial period, but to level off.

Other storage activity will increase when I’m using it for more and more of my immediate activities (low volume), and as I become able to migrate from cloud services such as github (higher volume), but I think that will take much longer.

I suspect that my actual use will be regulated most by price v need.


It’s interesting that when I read the title I thought of the same sizes you are thinking of, even before reading the thread, which leads me to think if we are biased by the fact that’s the average hard disk size, or our average used hard disk space, nowadays on our PC’s?


I have about 300 G of a big 15+ years old mess in my current drives.
My plan would be to enjoy the very good occasion and give it a severe cleanup, and keep only what I really find worth it, maybe about 50 G, which will then grow into a big mess again in the network :slight_smile:


Just to specify what public information is involved. I plan to make an accounts of the most valuable YouTube channels on the SAFE Network and copy their content. Then I will give them the accounts. :slight_smile:


Personal photos and home movies - 150 G
Completed work projects - 10 G
My painstakingly recorded collection of ~2500 vinyl records ~300G
Other music projects (completed) - 30 G
Other ~ 1 G

So, about 500 G of personal, to be immortalized stuff, adding about 5 G / month

I am also looking into getting scihub on safe as a public service.

  1. i would like to mirror the arch linux repository to the SN. 100 gb > but with frequent changes
  2. my music collection, not that big so it’s only ~200gb (all flacs)

We only have a few 100s of GB because we rely so much on the Internet. The Internet Archive should be uploaded but we need to share the cost of that! It’s 45 Petabytes.


why do we need anything like this hard coded in to make money from sharing content? Its either a paywall to go in or a donation button and I see no reason that could not be just part of the layout of the site itself rather then a special feature of the network. I am sure there is a reason knowing you lol. just curious what it is.

I think at first people will see this as a way to backup the files they already have. I mean what else am I going to upload other then what I have? Over time people will be like oh ya who cares about disk space I have this infinity disk lets create more data and just save it all there.

What I want is an app for my phone where when I take a picture it automatically gets saved to my SAFE ID. Then when apple or google is like oh why don’t you pay a monthly cost for more cloud storage I will be like “no thanks just delete that all”


Well the network is going to pay APP developers for the APPs why not pay people for their content that others find useful. Pretty much the same principle.

The purpose is to attract people to upload their quality content that others want and this will help to grow the network much faster. The network pays and not you, farmers still get the same rewards.

For instance this helps to grow the network by attracting the following types of content. For some of this it is free to store on clearnet so there has to be a reason to change

  • Open source projects (extra income for them based on the usefullness and/or popularity)
  • Content creators - as long as they upload their best quality otherwise pirates will
  • Everybody encourage to upload creative works of their own and will obviously include works of others who do not upload their best quality (It’'l happen anyhow so lets encourage original creators to upload their best works and defeat the reason for pirates)
  • the photos that become iconic
  • Books
  • education material
  • and a millions of other types of material that people see no need to have on the safe network till its the global network

PtP is an incredibly powerful mechanism for propelling the network and thrusting it in the direction of openness, quality content, contribution and sharing. I really really hope that it is possible to accomplish


Personally, only a few Terra-bytes …

Business-wise, if we get PtP, then I anticipate and hope to use hundreds to thousands of Terra-bytes. No joke.

The latter will depend on PtP and the speed and latency of the network, so wait and see, but unless it horrible, shouldn’t be a huge problem. Also will need to verify that the network is future-solvent and stable.

All up will take a year or so after launch before really uploading much.

The issue was some who did not think it was good and thought it would either reduce their farming, increase their PUT cost OR didn’t like the idea of earning based on what they uploaded. It of course only pays a small amount based on how popular that content is, and the uploader paid in the first place to put it there

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Yeah, I meant like possible to accomplish a fully working PtP system in the wild. I’m not aware of any big flaws or fundamental problems (haven’t delved into it either), but we’ve never had an autonomous network, and never had one with PtP. It’s a new thing so there’s no guarantee that it will happen. I really hope it does, because of the strength it would give the network.