How many used VPNs in the crust test?

If you had participated in the recent crust test, pls mark if you used VPN or not (you can mark both if you tried with both):

  • Used VPN
  • Did not use VPN

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More info in messages before this one in that topic/thread.

Attempted VPN, but failed.


When I used VPN it worked, when I didn’t it didn’t work: ie using UK mobile broadband + wifi hotspot.


Meant to mark both. Both working. Straight from home and via university vpn.

You should be able to go back and change your vote. (Hide Results)

@ustulation I just remembered that some/all the mobile networks in Australia and I assume some other places (maybe UK etc) are in and of themselves a huge NAT because there was enough IPv4 so they made themselves into a NAT system with many internet facing IP addresses and everyone’s phone is part of the NATting system.

So knowing if mobiles work is also extremely important since there is a future desire to have mobile connected devices being able to be NODEs. This includes @happybeing’s computers, phones, and a number of other devices connected through routers that have a 4G and soon 5G dongle/sim to connect.


Done. Thanks! Must fill 20 char.