How many gigabytes available at launch?

Hi guys,

Just for curiosity, how much disk space will you dedicate to the Safenetwork when it is released?

On my side I have a 4TB NAS that I will only use for farming.



Be aware though that it’s not how much you give, but how much the network needs that will be important. If it needs 1Gb and you have that space then great, but it would not care if you have more than 1Gb, if that makes sense. I think you probably know that, but just to clarify for any reader.

As things progress it will use more space for ultra redundancy (network partition management) but not at launch.


Bandwidth will probably be the most valuable resource and the most well-rewarded. If you have a lot of bandwidth and a reliable connection then you might need some big HDs to go with it to maximise your farming rewards. If you have a below-network-average connection then you probably won’t need any more than your on-board spare capacity in most cases. At least to start with anyway.

Leaving it on for a few weeks and getting a high ranked vault sounds like it will be critical, so reliability is going to be important for farmers. My connection around here is sub-par and I suffer brief cuts to the internet and power almost daily. Until we get upgraded lines farming seems out of the question for me.:disappointed: Luckily I have plenty of MAIDs so I’ll be able to use SAFE as much as I like anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bring on 5G and meshnets etc. I doubt people in my position will be suffering for very long :wink:


I’m siked. I was running a business from home and happened to stack up on some of Facebooks old rack servers, 24 TB, a Good data speed and an excellent connection.

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I’m only planning a few TB at first, then will decide.

Was cleaning out the office to do some remodelling, got rid of 7 old PC’s, pulled out their hard drives and ended up with 17 3.5" drives to go through and see what’s on them :wink:

Already went through a stack of cd/dvd’s of software and data from 1999-2004. If you need any old O/S’s (with legit keys) just shout (there’s plenty of other old software as well)


I stopped reading/replying/liking most on the forum because it’s just too much for me, but my spare storage space is ready to get contributed.


So what hardware should I be thinking of buying for farming?

Best buy MaidSafecoins. Three years ago I made the mistake of buying hardware for 10 times more money than safecoin… But at least now I have the opportunity to test 10 of my nods with Storj before Safe is up and running :slight_smile:


Hard to tell yet, a lot of dynamics involved with Farming an Safecoin. Your Vault needs a couple of days (probably) before the node_age is high enough to do some good farming. So maybe folks with a small node on AWS are best off. Or maybe folks with the best broadband connections. We’ll have to wait for test-Safecoin to really test all that stuff.


Thank you.

As for the Alpha 2 version, I just downloaded along with the web hosting and email service. How long till I become Level 1 in the Forum?

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You are at TL1 now, so you’re good.

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I see you’ve now seen the topic discussing this.

But basically the best h/w is hardware you already have that is energy efficient.

If you want/need to buy - then minimal hardware that is also cheap.

Oh and wait till release candidates versions are being tested.

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