How MaidSafe could create a new, free media?

I want to launch a new local news and articles site concentrated on the so-called “slow journalism” (that is; a journalistic site that mainly creates in-depth and instead of going with the latest “breaking news” and clicbaits. The principles of the media would be to return “classical” journalism to a world dominated by quick, random snippets of knowledge.

Things the site needs to achieve:

  • As much monetary independence from advertisers, financiers, politicians and other actors who could have the incentive to meddle with editorial and journalistic decisions.
  • Using open source, creative commons and public domain material, programs and applications for most if not all operations and
  • As much resistance against censorship as is possible so governmental or commercial actors can’t control the flow of information.
  • Ease-to-use, so even people with little specialized technical knowledge can access the site and information freely without resorting to additional applications and programs.

MaidSafe seems to be an interesting idea with enormous opportunity, so I am definetely going to follow it more actively from a creator’s and publisher’s perspective. If it could be even in a small way used to achieve some more independence, freedom and credibility to media, it would be an important step towards the development of modern global democracy and an arena for freedom of speech.

Considering these things, I also have several stupid n00b questions. I have read topics about issues relating to these, but by explaining my views I am hoping to get some perspective that takes in account the things I mentioned.

Could MaidSafe be implemented to with a site, for an example, or does all the data necessary have to be hosted on MaidSafe’s own network?

There are different other projects for helping creator’s monetize their content without ads, such as coins mined by web browsers. Could a publisher use MaidSafe in combination with other such projects, like JSECoin, to increase their revenue?

In which other ways could MaidSafe be implemented to help towards the goal of creating a free media?


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I guess people will make bridges from the current internet into SAFE. So you could visit while that website is loading the blog from SAFE itself.

I guess I would prefer to use SAFE directly. But different options for different people I guess…


Could a marketplace like eBay be created. One should be able to pay with safe coins. when DHL (or an other ) confirms delivery the payment will be set free for the supplier

Will a service like own cloud be created?

Yes, pretty much anything from the current Internet can be built using SAFE, and many new things that are not feasible without its built in currency.

You don’t really need anything but SAFEnetwork to have all the features of OwnCloud. All you need is to install a SAFE client on each of your devices and your data and Web apps will all be available on each device.


As easy as that? That would make me a happybeing too :wink:


I think the same thing, first have some bridge to ‘default internet’ to SAFE network, and if SAFE networks grows and more and more people is using it, this bridge will not be needed

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I think of these bridges like this. You have a really secure room with 4 secure lead doors and huge locks, but then you build an empty doorway so that anyone can just walk in, to make it easier for folks. In this analogy we are building the strongroom and lead doors, the empty walkway is a bridge to the insecure Internet and all its tracking and snooping.

So I am not a fan really :wink: Its my personal opinion though. For clearnet stuff I think that is cool but probably best to use another client bridge, but let folk know using it that they are being tracked and their IP etc. is now known. I figure some kind of vpn for clearnet if there is a secure one, but it could be fraught with unknown consequences if it connects and SAFE data to clearnet data in terms of your own account.


Exactly. Keep it safe!

“if SAFE networks grows”

I don’t think SAFE network will need that kind of a bridge to make it grow.

I personally don’t see a problem with simply downloading the safe browser and creating an account. I don’t know how many browsers I’ve downloaded in the past? Just how many accounts do people have in the old Internet, anyway, from Facebook to Twitter, to God knows what? Lots, right?

The kind of bridges we need are the humankind. The safe network will be a bridge for humanity used to connect with others, in cyber freedom. Put this message out there, and watch it grow. Cheers!

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@happybeing surprised you didn’t mention SAFEpress.

and plume ! ( more characters here )

If there is some kind of bridge, it should by default reveal to the user all the security breaches that occur once the door is open.

I have plugged it a lot over time haven’t I! :slight_smile: I hope to again, so thanks for the plug here too :wink:. @nice, it turns out that Sold / Plume are indeed steps in that direction. I’m not a believer in spooky synchronicity, but I have to accept that things are coming together in ways that I didn’t plan or imagine.

This reminds me that I have recently made an observation based on my life which can I see has occurred again and again, as I look back from a certain age.

Where you place your attention in your life is where things will grow, like tending a garden, and all the more in those areas where your attention is consistent over time.

Looking back I can see that again and again, from my youth, through each decade, and in my time following Maidsafe, this has been my experience.

I don’t think we can or necessarily should try to direct this process. My attention was always driven from inside rather than directed by my head - head as servant in this respect.

– a @happybeing thought for the day :slight_smile:


i remember in the pervious alpha release
u did not need to create an account or login to browse and download content just installing the luncher was enough
if the final release would be like that
then u can easily make a bridge and let people on clearnet browse the safenetwork (Read Only) (u can also provide a localized search function for your bridge by scraping search engine results on safenet) (make them interested in the content of the network)
e.g forums, social network, read public chatrooms etc …
then someone decides to comment on a post or participate in chatroom conversations then the bridge developer can put a popup messege whenever someone tries to upload by commenting, making a post and etc… ,saying to comment or post u need to download the safenet client and create an account plus a link to the client software and a guide on what u need to know to upload data, where u can buy safecoins (easy way to find costumers for your coins) and etc …
then they have to install the client, create an account and farm or buy safecoins resulting in popularity of the network (now they are interested enough in the content and the need to participate to start paying for safecoins )