How is the "Hours Spent Reading Posts" Statistic Calculated and Rounded?


I am a new user of Maidsafe attempting to acquire the Trust Levels necessary to access the MaidSAFE web browser and I wish to donate an amount of my laptop and eventually my main Personal Computer if Possible to help in creating a decentralized internet.

My choice to switch to MaidSafe is being prompted by the attacks on net neutrality being carried out by the FCC that I am protesting and in light of scandals by the Alphabet Soup corporations and de facto monopolies of the internet using their powers to censor independent voices on the free internet.

My quest to achieve the requirements for the relevant Trust Levels (and go a bit beyond to prove my loyalty ;)) have met me with two questions I have for the Development Staff of MaidSAFE and how I can achieve these levels of Trust:

  1. How exactly is The Metric/ Statistic of Read Time Calculated and more importantly rounded up as you get closer to 1 Hour. I have achieved Basic Status with the Relevant Badge but I feel I must fully complete these Requirements and go above and beyond them to Truly earn my Rankings in this Forum.

  2. As an aside is there a way to see more detailed statistics of how many minutes and seconds you have read comments on the MaidSAFE forums after you pass or in this case are shown the one hour mark on your profile.

Thank You for this Great New Technology and I wish you the Best in its continued Development and improvement for the Future.


Welcome to the forum @Mitchell_Alexander

At this time there is no vaults at home, so you are unable to share your disk space. The reason is that we are only in alpha 2 testing. Vault testing is due in alpha 4. Vault testing has happened before, its just they want to test other things at the moment.

Hours spent reading is a rounded figure. So 10 minutes could be 9:31 minutes to 10:30 minutes and 1 Hour could be 45 minutes to over an hour. This is in the forum software supplied by discourse.

There is no way even for moderators to get a more detailed statistic for hours minutes seconds

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