How is going? When will be release something?

I mean release real things, I can’t wait!!! Wanna see the best and most innovative product ever.


it sounds like a network that anyone can participate in (because of utp hole-punching), with messaging built in, will be released within a month or 1.5mo’s with rust-5 sprint finishing.

That’s awesome, and don’t forget that this is crazy futuristic tech, with ZERO predecessors to sample / learn from, so it’s huge and hard and confusing at times. It’s like building a rocketship in the 1700’s. Don’t be too unrealistically impatient bro


Wellcome to the forum.
Have you thought about creating or letting somebody create an app for you? Now is really the time, to think about it.

If your planning on releasing your own app on the SAFE Network, you can use they can code your app for you. They take equity as well, but that’s if they worked with you on a few projects.


i can’t WAIT…The real evolution

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will this thing ever take off?
been waiting for years now… Any idea when alpha 3 will be release? (if ever)
how come it never get added on new exchange? (listing on Binance would bring hundred of thousand of people to read about Maid)
what’s up with your asia partnership?

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All your answers are in the #development:updates you can catch up week by week with each dev update. Then you will know as much as the rest of us.