How is app data handled?

Okay, so I’m sitting here browsing stuff and I run across the safe web crawler topic. And it occurs to me that while the SAFE search engine would need a crawler, I wondered where the data for the app is stored. Google has massive server farms to hold its indexing data, but SAFE relies on the collective storage space of the users.

Which lead me to wonder where any of the app data is stored. Is it stored under the app developer’s control? Does it have its own little storage space? How would users keep control over data they PUT to the app? (Like for an index for a search engine, or a SAFE medical information repository, or even just a twitter analogue?)

Basically, how does the network handle app data? Do users have control over it? Do developers? Does the app itself control the data?


You have all the information in the Authentication Flow:

You can read too the “Authorise apps on behalf of the owner to mutate data”


People would have to choose to make their data public and searchable or not. 100% opt-in / out

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