How far are we from implementing safecoins?

Hi, not a very technical guy here though i try to understand and follow the weekly dev updates. Just wanted to know, how far are we from safecoins? Are there any major roadblocks that we know of? Thanks guys!


We need vaults on home computers first. Then the other things mentioned in the update just posted (see some of the replies)

Maybe some other issues to be addressed first.

Then there will be the review of RFCs for SAFEcoin

Then implementation of TEST SAFEcoin can start. How long to code is unknown.

How long is not an easy thing to answer, but you will know when the rest of us find out. The updates are very informative and even if you don’t understand the technical update the replies actually interpret a lot of the update for those who are less technical.

Basically don’t expect TEST SAFEcoins too soon. I would fall off my seat if we saw TEST SAFEcoin by the end of March.


I think we do know that coding Safecoin is trivial, so once the network is stable (routing, vaults at home ) and the changes to mutable data are tested, I don’t see any other blocks and no reason for it to take long.

I don’t think MaidSafe need to build a wallet for example - just to ensure the functionality for changing ownership is there in the API. The community will do the rest I think :slight_smile:

I don’t make predictions, but if the current changes get through testing I don’t see why Safecoin would be far off at all - but big changes like this often take longer than expected or wanted :wink: