How does the SAFE Network prevent network anonymity breach due to physical exchange?

Okay so I understand when exchanging safecoin person to person you’re anonymous. Same with communication. But what happens when you want to trade safecoin for a physical object of some kind? How can one prevent de-anonymizing themselves when trying to give say a postal address or meet in person to make an exchange? Will there be an app for that or an escrow service?

Surely that is beyond the remit of what Safecoin and safe net can influence?


You do realize that’s way beyond MaidSafe’s mission, right?
Whatever you do outside the Safe Network, you are on your own.

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Perhaps but it does seem to be a practical problem that needs addressing. I was watching the OpenBazzar UI video and thinking that while one could do something similar on SAFE, indeed one could sell anything on SAFE that anonymity is only good until it’s compromised by having to interact with someone outside the network.

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I’ve wondered if there are private and public personas that interact quite differently. I feel like I remember Mr Irvine saying something along the lines of being able to have multiple personas in one account to exchange safecoin between to obscure last owner. Something like that. Makes me wonder


You’ll be able to have at least a couple of “identities”, at least one of which is throw-away. So having bought something and being identified doesn’t necessarily carry a continuing taint.

Also, you use a new login identity each time you engage in such, fund it with safecoin from your main pool and then use the throw-away to do your business. If your person gets identified with that identity, that’s all they get.

Is that something in the range of the answer you’re looking for?


Lol we’ll need a random name generator app. Creating a new name is a decent solution but I think a better one could be devised. Still it’ll work.

I also think something like SQRL solves this by giving randomly generated id per site that will also be possible Behavioral Biometric with SAFE

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Something tells me that Lazooz drivers aren’t gonna care too much about upholding the man’s dictates, if that’s the problem you’re trying to solve. The app itself is loaded with commie speak in the core philosophy though, so beware if that’s a problem for you.

yaay for Commie speak.
This is the peoples app led by the dictatorship of the Troonetariat

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I was only talking about the account name/id that one communicates and sends safecoin via. When you get to the physical exchange, that’s another matter. But even if identified with that account for that exchange, you can have a new one any time, so it’s “just” the tracking of the body that needs to be solved. On this point, the book “Thieves Emporium”, by Max Hernandes has some insights.

Made this post about the book last year. Thieves Emporium

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