How does the SAFE Network deal with common DoS attacks?

How could these common types of DDOS attacks be “translated” to be used against the SAFE Network? For example, lots of computers (like a large botnet) doing distributed requests to the network for non-existing chunks of data?

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This could be done. But I think there’s a protection for that. All these bots won’t be in the same group to start with. So you have a big number of nodes spread all over the network. And when you try to store a new file, your Client will always ask if it’s stored already. So a request for a Chunk that’s not there is possible and part of the normal network. But when you starts to flood the network with these requests I’ll guess your close group will de-reank you or just kick you out.

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This was actually discussed in a very recent thread. Here’s the relevant bit from @dirvine.