How does the MaidSafe team feel nowadays?


I wanted to make a post asking about how the MaidSafe team is feeling after getting this far, and taking the vision from a simple idea to a big movement now.

I would especially like to hear how David Irvine @dirvine is feeling now, because it sounds like in the beginning the MaidSafe idea was really hard to get across to people,

But now you’ve raised millions of dollars, gathered an amazingly qualified and capable team to work with you on bringing it to life, and created a whole community of people who are die-hard enthusiastic about your idea (me included!).

It must be unreal for this to actually be launching soon, and idk, I just know that I would enjoy hearing maybe just a few words about how great a feeling that is,

To go from such doubt and uncertainty, to such excitement and global demand.

But maybe I’ll just have to wait until they make the maidsafe documentary :slight_smile:


Now is the easier part, delivering, its also extremely concentrated though and the new team members are integrating. This will speed us up no end so now I am mega focused on launch and not only launch. My huge drive is launch solid with solid well tested and understood code. This is too big an opportunity to rush and have hacks in place anyway. So we are creating a totally transparent mechnism where everyone has visibility.

I want MaidSafe to be seen as this unstoppable advancing system that gathers momentum and not a fait a complis of a pretty wee front end with flashing images. This needs to be a concrete implementation and foundation. On launch I will look at the wider picture and be pretty happy, then move straight on to global computation and decentralised intelligence. I see decentralised intelligence as the maidsafe answer to big data, where big data is the flashy front end with horrible foundations. Decentralised intelligence will be very solid and not give answers that look right, but will answer everything with a probability score based on bayesian inference. i.e. the answer is never right, but the driving force of the network will be to improve answers all the time. This is what I work on with a side idea wwww (what what where when) and the realisation every species needs a goal. In SAFE the goal will be truth and the search for it will also be truthful. Otherwise computing intelligence is weird, why would a computer compute unless it helped it to grow? I think we treat them like slaves just now, but with a programmed in goal then that will change a lot. No short cuts with knowledge :slight_smile: This also will mean 100% unfettered access to all humanities research and knowledge, that parts politically hard, but SAFE does help loads with it.


Thank you for the reply!

You definitely have a very strong vision,

And it looks like you’re going to keep releasing it bit-by-bit.

(to a very thankful world)


Will global computation and distributed intelligence be part of MaidSafe?

Or are they separate projects?


I will always code under the MaidSafe banner, well as long as they let me :slight_smile: It all needs to belong to everyone.


That’s a relief :slight_smile:

But my bad, i guess I meant: will those things be part of the SAFE network?


They will of course :slight_smile:


shakes with excitement