How does the cost model work if you build a forum?


if a developer builds a forum how does the cost model work for when people post in the forum?
When a person submits their post as this is a put is their a cost associated with this and who pays for it?

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This will depend on the design. If it follows the idea of users owning the data they create, they will be paying to store their posts, comments etc. This raises other questions such as how these become incorporated into the forum, how moderating works etc.

There are solutions to these, but I don’t want to get back into thinking about them, particularly when the data types are changing a bit.

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Maybe the forum informs the client’s to install a vault and then somehow maidsafe implements a connection of the vault to some app so you can post into that forum infinatly even without safecoin so you have a debt in safe coins and over time you farm it through the connected vault

Edit: Or maybe there should be private companies that deploy lots of vaults and they can offer people unlimited freedom in posting and they manage your debt in safecoin and through a insurance policy they can stay afloat so a user can be borrowed unlimited safecoin and owe a bit more so the private company can have a viable bussiness