How does MAID SAFE network handle a website with a sql server backend?

How will MAID SAFE handle a website that is powered by a SQL server backend?

Short answer: It won’t.
Long answer:
You’ll need to handle the storage in a SAFE compatible way. You can think of the SAFE network as a big key value store and will have to tailor your implementation to this.
Currently the tools to do this easily do not exist, but many are under development.
In any case you will have a hard time trying to hoard, hide and silo data like is the norm on the old internet. Either you’ll have to have all data public, or your site will only have access to the data the particular user has uploaded and what has been shared with him/her.


It doesn’t, but there have been discussions about how to build dynamic websites and SQL etc. Search the forum for SQL, NOSQL, and “dynamic websites” and you should find relevant ideas.

This is something I’ve taken an interest in because of which I started, but I’m still not clear how MaidSafe envisage this kind of thing being implemented.

My assumption is that we have to build a lot of client side code that runs in the browser (javascript) but there are lots of unsolved issues / unanswered questions.

I submitted an RFC about it with my thoughts on how to solve one aspect (bookmarking and handling URLs that specify both page template and data references), but it wasn’t taken up or commented on, and when MaidSafe issued their own RFC they said it addressed the same functionality, but I haven’t been able to understand quite how (discussed here) and haven’t had any time to research this or play with the API.

Hope that gives you enough to get started. Essentially, I don’t think anyone knows at this point how it will work. Certainly you can’t just slot an existing server side application into this architecture, but there will be ways of doing things: several different options depending on where you are starting from and where you want to get to.


Short answer:

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Will there be an ability for MAID safe network to bridge over to surface web?

Yes, but the second you leave the SAFE network you are no longer protected by the privacy and security that if offers.

Breaking the old method of client/server thinking will be hard, but I think the creative ways that people will come up with to handle dynamic content will be much better than the decades old thinking of asking a centralized, vulnerable, and clunky server to handle your requests.

I agree that a lot of the heavy lifting with be moved to the client side…


Are you meaning like Tor works, allowing people to access the web for the SAFE network “exit” node?

If you are then it would be possible, but doubt people are going to be willing to expose their computer that way. After all the tools for that exist and do just as good as SAFE could since you are accessing the web.

Tor, VPNs Proxies are all options that will achieve that