How does anonymous routing benefit the network?

I like anonymous routing, however im having a hard time figuring how it benefits the integrity of the network. Lets say maidsafe has no problem with governments policing the network and figures mass adoption can only occur if this happens, what purpose would it have for anonymous routing? Is this integral to the design?

There is the flaw in your question. MAIDSAFE would never let this happen. If they did It would no longer be a SAFE Network!


The Unsafe Network.

Surveillance, Hackability, Subordination.

Nice ring to it. New clearnet slogan?


lol we should use that. The internet is SAFE’s only real competition and it is feeble, but providing essential services, it makes sense to promote SAFE by attacking the weak alternative.

If only we had millions to market SAFE with we could make some awesome billboards lol.


Nowadays , it’s enough to design these billboards … :ant:

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You ask the wrong question.

SAFE is the resistance to governments policing the network and designed to be that.

The question is “If we allow governments policing the network” what is the purpose of SAFE.

The routing is an essential part of that design and to remove it is to break SAFE design. It removes the security and anonymity. Really all you are left with is a “Massive Array of Internet Disks” with messaging, coin added.

It also would rely on the good will of people not to hack and the authorities to police any hacking that occurred.


SAFE is Free Speech : a Liberty to say so . Yours , mine , anyone’s might be
the most abominable and still it can be placed onto the network for a bit of
resources & safecoin . Anyone can choose to visit its bits and pieces , or not .

That principle will keep the communications rolling , evolving or degenerating .
The possibility to initiate any communication in its tiny first step , unobstructed .

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The effort of Project SAFE is to create a truly neutral medium through which to interact. Any allowance for tracking or snooping would break that nature.

I wrote this article last year. Think it may help.


I’ll rephrase that question of yours replacing some words so you can see how ridiculous it sounds:

I like breathing, however im having a hard time figuring how it benefits the sustenance of life. Lets say life has no problem with not breathing, what purpose would it have for air? Is this integral to the design?

The answer is then quite simple: it would have no purpose.

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When you say hacking what exactly are you envisioning them doing that they wouldnt be able to do with anonymous routing?

Why do you like anonymous routing, if you don’t understand how it benefits the integrity of the network?

Dull conservative minds fail to understand that wars on nouns, make no progress. Government’s exist to give the people what they need, they are not there to satisfy what some minority wants. That failure, is why there is increasing instability; compounding the problem, doesn’t solve the problem. Governments needs to evolve, and to do that they need to understand what the future is and what it is not; the future is not the past.

Mass adoption doesn’t require government policing, that’s just fallacy.

Your question fails on its predicate.

Yes, the solution is integral to the design of the solution. Perhaps instead of wondering about the solution, you need to understand the problem.


It is integral to the design.

One of its purposes is to prevent anyone policing the network.

EDIT Anyway, the word “policing” nowadays denotes control of the productive by the parasite classes and assorted busybodies and social engineers. Maybe fifty years ago policing mainly meant keeping the peace, by the policeman on patrol, but that time is long past.


Most things.

You can do little when its anonymous routing. The hacker has to solve the first problem and that is find the packets they want to hack. When you remove the design of anonymous routing then not only are the packets in the clear the route is known and predictable. Hackers can then hack.

Please quote the person who actually said what you disagree with and I totally agree with you on both your points :slight_smile:

Whom are you addressing?

The quote you attribute to me saying is actually the quote of someone else. I did not say those words you attributed to me. Those words were said by feelz

Hidden services get hacked all the time. Sometimes when the hidden service is malicious they can drop code that allows them to hack clients. Since maidsafe isnt using the client/server structure this may play out different, but anonymous routing hasnt stopped hackers from hacking.

Because i like not having everything i do go into some permanent folder in some datamining computer. This is personal preference, most people dont care even though they know whats happening now. Tor has shown us that anonymous routing helps prevent censorship, and perhaps you can say that censorship hurts the integrity of the network, but again most people dont even know since most censorship cant be seen, and for the most part it keeps people placated not to have disagreeable things show up in google or elsewhere.

Im playing the devils advocate here, when maidsafe is tasked to explain why its designed to be an anonymous datastore which can harbor many illegal things amongst its unwitting users, as opposed to an open one that would allow for such things to be policed, what technical, and not political, reason can it provide?

I think that what you refer to as hidden services are very different from what the SAFE Network scheme involves. The routing anonymity of the SAFE Network is not a service added, it’s the function by default. There’s not another way to do it as part of the basic protocol.

I think the post below is worth a look-see. It is not a new post so exact points may not be exactly right, but it is very good at giving how the near bullet proof anonymity and privacy of the network is achieved, between encryption and routing:

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In addition to some great replies already given

Basic misunderstanding of what routing is. Its not a service or any service you run on your computer. The best you can do is infect a node and see the packets in/out and where they go, but they are encrypted and no indication of IP address of original source or final dest is included in the packet.

Seeing as anonymous routing is not (widely) implemented anywhere I’d like an example of any hacker anywhere really hacking a true anonymous routing system. First they have to know where in the world to hack. All those billion computers, which specific ones does the hacker need to hack to get your encrypted packets???

Oh and Tor is not really an anonymous routing system since a traceback route is always there. Tor is just hidden routing and knowledge of the network’s exit node’s IP addresses make it not true anonymous routing. True anonymous routing like SAFE neither the source node’s IP address or final node’s IP address is known by the routing until the packet is at the 2nd last node. And return route is different again. But with Tor you can know where the packet exits the Tor network, thus anonymity is lost.

Nothing to do with anonymous routing. That is the storage side of SAFE and you can have anonymous routing without storing your data scattered across many computers. Your can have anonymous routing and then store your unencrypted data file in one vault. BUT SAFE does BOTH anonymous routing and anonymous storage.


I think we have an advantage over Tor here and that is if the ABCs or media (which is mainly controlled by governments now-a-days), demonise SAFE too much to the public then the public will learn that SAFE exists and how much better it is than Tor to use. They will see how easy it is to access and run/view websites. How their data is actually kept safe on websites.

Basically to demonise SAFE they have to explain how easy it is to use by the criminals and people will see how it will benefit them. Obviously there will be those who cannot think at all, but we only need a portion of people to start using SAFE and the rest of the masses will follow to use these great APPs and know their private pictures are 1000’s of times safe than any image site or phone app that wants to know everything your phone does.