How does a Beginner Help with Maidsafe Tests?

Hi, I am very interested in this project but don’t necessarily have much technical knowledge. What I do want to do is help the project move forward in any way that I can by perhaps testing the software releases for bugs? How do I get started on doing this?


Welcome to the forum :+1:.

Install the Launcher en Demo App and see if you can create an account.

I’ll sent you an invite.



I have also just recently come across the SAFE network and it’s possibilities and would like to get involved, any help would be appraciated, again I am very new to this so a bit of hand holding would always be welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


You shouldn’t have to wait more than a few days until you can test it out as some selected people from the forum are already doing so

They are slowly adding people to the testing group and it’ll happen sooner then later. :slight_smile:

If you want to test and see if a non tech person can load the test platform…I volunteer myself

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replay and info :slight_smile:

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@DarrenH and @Dwieluns2 you will both help a lot by helping test. There will be plenty of folk here on the forum to help you with anything that isn’t working or obvious (I need help myself today with the closed test).

You just need to wait until the current test 17 becomes open to everyone which might be this week if all goes well, or not too long anyway I think.

Meantime you can follow reports on private testing in this topic:


Thanks happybeing. I will monitor the thread.


Would love to have an invite as a tester also! if you are still needing, thanks

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Hi all!
I would like to participate in the testing, at least when it goes public. Any day now? I’m using Linux Mint 18.2 Mate 64-bit. I’m a big fan of PPA:s. Is there any chance of somebody setting one up for all the stuff needed?

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I guess new users need at least trust level 2 to test out the apps and demo.

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I’m also ready to help. I use a 32 bit Ubuntu system and will at this sage free up 10Gb of my hard drive. My upload though is 2mbps, is that a problem? Good luck with the implementation!

Welcome @JeremyStocks, Currently you’d only be able to test accessing the Alpha 2 Network using the SAFE Browser and the apps available, but you will need to reach Trust Level 1 before that’s an option. User run vaults are not an option at this point and Maidsafe is running all the vaults themselves currently.

You may find some things don’t work on 32-bit Linux. I believe the binaries are all written for 64-bit. I’m surprised the browser installed to be honest.

The apps you mention just show up on Github. I cannot see any other locations for apps right now? I am new to this too, should I be seeing apps somewhere else?

There are instructions in the weekly updates on where to find the browser, web hosting manager, and mail apps. Once you get that setup there is another thread listing websites people have uploaded to the alpha 2 network.

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Do I need to get invite for testing the SAFE browser ?
I can now open up the browser and go to some SAFE://sites…