How do you plan on attracting people to SAFE?

This is a very wide open and general topic.

How does Maid Safe and the community in general plan to market the SAFE net once it goes live?

I have read some expectations that app developers will do some of the work in this area but have not read much else on the topic.

If SAFE net is to go global and become something that Mr & Mrs Brown down the street know about and use then I think it is important to discuss this topic as most of the traffic as far as I see it currently exists on the clear net and we all know most people go to where the party is.

How do you plan on marketing SAFE once it goes live?

It should not be too difficult.

  • Step 1: Upload anything that can’t be had for free or downloaded without risk
  • Step 2: Profit!

[I don’t endorse, or argue against, this approach, I’m just saying this is how it’s going to work. Sadly that is likely going to be the largest traffic driver for SAFE.]

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Basically taking over the function of Bitorrent currently?

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Pretty much. Of course there may be scientists and researchers who will post their “data sets” to SAFE, but unlike “Shaving Private Ryan”, nobody downloads historic data sets 20 thousand times a day.

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It’s a good thing, get’s the oil flowing and the motor ticking over…movement in the safecoin price to get the traders trolling.

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Bittorrent, usenet, sure.

Another issue, especially if there’s a mechanism to pay content creators with safecoin, would be a youtube alternative. The last couple of months were filled with false takedowns in regards to alleged copyrights claims and youtube isn’t doing anything to address this issue. I can see people coming over to SAFE in order to be safe from false copyright claims.


Yep that’s already there, something like 430 million? on a perpetual basis from memory.

This thing will sell itself. Look at Bitcoin, it’s so technical but all over the news. Same for this one. Especially if the Devs make it user friendly like they already did for a big part. When using Ethereum or IPFS we have all these long and weird addresses. They make you fire up your terminal etc. Maidsafe showed it can be done way easier.


I currently offer members ~100Mb of disk space published at ~/username but are considering giving them the equivalent in safecoin / option of turning their allocation of space over to our vaults and receiving a share back.

I’m hoping that the idea that their data is much safer on the SAFE network than just on our servers will catalyze take-up.


While I can see the filesharing community pushing the network, I think the free scaling afforded to app start-ups will have a better chance of being the killer app. IIRC, torrenting has ~150 million users total, and those are largely power downloaders, the users networks would prefer to not have much of. Get a few unicorns using their users as a backend through safenet, and you’re looking at literally billions of users that relatively don’t use that much resources.


Get SafeX going to exchange safecoin into bitcoin and fiat and you’ve got a revenue stream. This will be important for all income levels but particularly low income where every income source, particularly anonymous incomes, count tremendously.

Then there’s data storage. Keeping your stuff safe indefinitely. And then there’s the whole free speech aspect. A lot of people are so sick to death of being censored on social media of all types + the internet in general. On safe they’ll be free to express themselves.

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Build it and they shall come you think? I hope so but complacency kills.

I’d much prefer to know we were all working away at it.


That’s pretty cool. I thought of doing something similar.

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Start a web agency that migrates the old internet to the new internet .



“Here you go sir, your new website has been delivered and coded to suite both the SAFE net and the Clear net.”


Scandals…lots of scandals revolving around private chat apps, politicians caught out using private safe chat whilst recording everyone else.

If it’s naughty we want it…

Take a leaf from Edward Bernays playbook, back when women were planning to march for ‘the right to vote’…he cleverly notified the press that something big was going to happen at the march and had the front row of marchers light up cigarettes.

Headline: ‘Torches of Freedom’ woman now had their own penis he reasoned. The rest is history.


I think Marketing/PR is an extremely important component of any organization promoting a novel technology. These tools will serve as a catalyst for 1) raising awareness and 2) educating the public, which in turn could lead to interest and finally adoption, which in turn leads to growth and more adoption.

I believe the organization behind Ethereum does a really great job in regards to this. And it shows, since the price of Ether has reached $10 this week.

One important mention however: good marketing is a continuous process not a one time activity.

And promoting the SAFE Network for downloading illegal/risky/non-free content? I think we can do better than that. Why not associate the project with positive things, showcasing the technical challenges the SAFE Network can solve elegantly, which are not easily solvable by current solutions?

One idea could be implementing a data access system for non-free content, which deals with payments and scalability automatically. Imagine indie directors selling their movies with a simple upload and a share of a link. Music creators could sell their songs instantly, and price could be computed by elegant algorithms embedded into the network, attached to a piece of data, and based on popularity it self-adjusts the price according to some predefined rules. Reimagine Spotify for the SAFE Network, with dynamic payouts, etc.

Another idea could be infinitely scalable CDNs, sharing huge datasets for research projects, etc.


I don’t think marketing had much to do with that. Probably more so that bankers are backing and investing in it.

This was my -between the lines- message here but I guess I screwed up my pitch or maybe engineer types just are not that good at reading between lines:

Precisely what I want to see happen. Torrenting and all that is getting old school and content producers and companies can offer us better solutions. I for example hardly torrent at all anymore because I have Netflix and a web enabled TV. I think I pretty much only download two shows which arrive far too late on free to air tv and netflix for me, so in other words I have no other solution unless I want to pay an abhorrent amount of money to Foxtel just for those two shows.

In terms of music I pretty much am a radio guy or I create playlists on youtube.

Yep! ANother great idea. I posted something on here a while back which detailed the computing power and resources required to compute weather data and it was phenomenal.

Then of course you have the other obvious stuff like drop box style storage and of course apps and websites.

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I believe It’s “Shaving Ryan’s Privates”

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Jugs sir. Lots of jugs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Even women are drawn by the sight of a nice ample bosom. It’s a primal urge reinforced by the nurturing quality of the boob experienced during youth. Say yes to drugs, and hell yes to boobs!!! :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_eyes::grin:

Seriously though there has been ample (mmmm :blush:) discussions about the matter. My approach would be to use drama (emotional exploitation) to bring users in. It seems immoral but It’s backed up by strong science.

The story of a family legacy that will never die even after the beloved grandma passes and or the value of capturing all the memories of a newly spawned child along with the peace of mind that comes from SAFE. Blah blah emotional stuff emotional stuff.

Sorry for being so crass. I’m just sniffin some good coke, eating farmed dog shit, and drinking a pint of horse piss fresh off the ranch. Rocket sure does produce some good lager. :kissing_closed_eyes: