How do you migrate an entire blockchain into a datachain?


I’ve been thinking about moving blockchain assets to the SAFE Network for a while, but only in the sense of doing it through privatekeys, but this is nonsense.

Would it be possible for example for Ethereum’s blockchain to migrate to datachain, with all Eth and token balances intact, but as SAFE data? Can datachain even support sucha feature?



Aren’t they different things. A blockchain is just a specialised database with crypto processing. Datachain is recording events for a period of “time”


If I can recall clearly what @ dirvine said about datachain “datachain is disrupting the disruptors”. So imho it’s just a ledger. If datachain can swallow entire blockchains a lot of crazy things happen.

  • The cryptocurrency and tokens on it’s platform are better protected by the SAFE Network.
  • Now if all this data are just PUTs and these PUTs could still be used to buy SAFE Network resources, the cryptocurrency and tokens would also be resourced based, meaning they have an additional value than the meaningless values on exchanges. Kanye rant: Every PUT should be put to use to buy SAFE Network resources. Let’s say I created 1000 of my worthless tokens and they cost 250 PUTs, datachain should register this event and the network should still enable me to exchange 40 of my worthless tokens for 10 PUTs from the network. This is @ oetyng’s idea btw. Now if the PUTs can also be exhange for SAFEcoin if you gathered enough…
  • Whole communities are also migrated to a safe, privacy and freedom mindstate.
  • Talented programmers no longer have to focus on nonsense like consensus, scaling, privacy etc



A chain that is pruned and contains events like results of consensus. Not the results of a PUT. And that is the difference. A blockchain (== database) is not the same thing.

Yes you can use SAFE to store securely a blockchain by using MDs or chunks. But the datachain is tailored for recording events and that is its purpose.

blockchain == database tailored & specialised for crypto transaction ledger
datachain == database tailored & specialised for consensus & events ledger and is pruned. (ie transactions consolidated and removed)

I doubt trying to manipulate a datachain for use as a blockchain is worth the effort or is even possible. If you could manipulate the datachain for use as a blockchain then its no longer a datachain, even though both are specialised databases. Just like I could manipulate a motorbike to become a snowmobile, its no longer a motorbike even though both are motorised transport.


Hi Neo

Thanks for the better explanation, clueless consumers like me always think things are easy :sweat_smile:

Hopefully when Maidsafecoin is exchanged 1:1 with SAFEcoin there will also be a mechanism to also do this for other blockchain assets.

Thanks again


Yes I hope that that the effort to have other crypto coins residing on SAFE is perused. I’d keep an eye on Decorum and their “like” coin as it seems that there has been some thought gone into that and might even provide a springboard for other crypto to work from.