How do you keep track of uploads?


I can see now that uploading turns file names into hex addresses - but if my main use of the SN is for archiving TBs of files, how do you find a file for restoring / downloading? - do you need to keep the log from the uploading so you have the hex address?

I was sort of thinking like Google Docs, where you could browse to the file you wanted and then select it for downloading . .


This will all get GUIed away soon I’m guessing.
There is still no way to upload a directory tree and then retreive it. Likewise registers. last time I looked they were write-only.
I expect these issues to get fixed very soon in the CLI


For now there’s just a flat text file, probably in ~/.local/share/safe/client/ which lists the name and xor address of each file you have uploaded.


The uploads are stored in a file called uploaded_files in your client directory

which you can find in the platform specific location:

safe files download without any specific file passed will automatically try and retrieve all files therein.