How do you filter information on social networks on SAFE?

The average user on Facebook is linked to thousands of posts from its friends each day. Facebook then uses algorithms to filter those posts in order to only show (hopefully) the most interesting posts for the user (and the most beneficial posts for Facebook with customers).

How can you make this work in a social network application on the SAFE Network, and still let the users control their data and have everything encrypted?

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By running such an algorithm locally.


That was my idea too. It would be nice to have a personal filter you can modify yourself. Not that I know how difficult it would be to make such a filter.

In the first 1-2 months, yes.

Later, I am not sure that would work well.
One doesn’t download the entire database when he needs to find 100 rows of interest and that principle applies here too.

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I don’t like when app make an decision for me. It is like google bubble. Google catalog you to put yourself into a echo chamber with other people who have the same interest as you. It leads to more circle jerk, and less content awareness.

Running it locally is the best choice. It gives users more options on how it should be catalog for themselves instead of for corporate business best interest.


True, that’s why we need to store our data under predictable hash keys (using SD objects), so we don’t have to download all data, but instead download only that subset in which our relevant info is stored. The entire SAFE network is one big key-value store, so we should play on that strength.


Problem is your dealing with average Joe’s and Jane’s most of these people don’t even know how to adjust their profile and privacy settings.

And the other problem is you need to feed your audience relevant content so no matter which way you do it someone is not going to be happy.

I think the solution would be a combination of a learning algo combined with manual local settings and recommended settings by the app.


Just for god’s sake let me turn the nice little helper bot off. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to do things and the computer has gotten in the way because it was trying to “help” me. “Yes I know what I’m doing. Now shut up and do what you’re told.”

And which part would that be?
Would you redecide which parts are interesting every time you add a “friend”?
How does a “friend” let only his friends download or access his activities for their extraction?

Hey does anyone have any links to reading for any systems of opt-in filtering on SAFE?

Has there been any discussions about this on the forums anywhere?

Only discussions about it. Nothing really about how to implement it. Guess it’ll start with search engines providing ratings for safe pages.