How Do you Explain Maidsafe To A Non-Believer?


Our meetup group is looking to do a feature on Maidsafe especially for the skeptical and uninformed about the concept of maidsafe. As a newbie to this topic I have found it hard to explain and basically get misted over blank looks.

Therefore, I am looking for person/persons in the West Midlands who would be prepared to come to meeting and tell the tale.

It would be similar to the format we did for Bitcoin.


I don’t have the time to prepare a talk, and I think that’s the key - a good clear story that brings people along with little “ahah” moments to keep the interest and generate excitement. But that’s not easy!

I am near enough though that I would try to come along to offer support, answer questions for example. It is hard for me to commit time though as I have some high priority time consuming things over the next weeks and months.

You always say this :slight_smile:

So I’ll be expecting to see some pretty amazing things coming from you quite soon then! :wink: Looking forward to it! (SAFEpress! crosses fingers)


Sorry to disappoint, but my highest priority work at the moment is not SAFEnetwork, that’s priority three-ish. I’m slow anyway, and not that skilled either at web stuff. Still I will continue and have made good progress with the SAFEpress/remoteStorage stuff recently, made possible by stepping back and doing less on the forum. I will do my best though! :slight_smile:


Hi, coming down and answer question would be good. we are looking at September time. Would that be OK?


Hopefully :slight_smile:

Try condescending or making them feel stupid when they ask questions. Usually works for me.

In direct response to your question: only a fool that doesnt know what hes talking about would come here looking for that kind of advice.

Next question? :slight_smile:


Sorry for being a fool. but do explain why wanting to find out more is being a fool?


cool when is the best times for you?

I made a very poor joke. My apologies. Thanks for your efforts.

Aread you looking primarily for a physical presence or would a virtual “stand in” suffice?

Could you navigate the discussion but deflect hard questions to a subject matter expert waiting on skype perhaps?

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@cl0ck3d I figured it was just coming off wrong :smile: I would have been surprised if not


Apology accepted. Yeah a virtual presence could be done, however, we would need to work on that as recording it maybe difficult.

Oooookay… :wink: I don’t want to commit time I can’t be sure to deliver so best for me it’s that I’ll make it if I can, but not to plan it around me.

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It was drop dead hilarious to me when I was originally typing it out… lols


Didn’t @fergish create SAFECrossroads podcasts and don’t we have a faq specifically to handle the “noob” questions for said non believers? Or perhaps this is a call to expand such catagories. Personally I’d direct any such “non believers” to view/listen to such introductory materials and then write down any questions they have. Really the answers are all there we just need to know the questions no matter how basic. It’s almost like a child asking “Why is the sky blue?” Most people don’t think to ask such a question or research why until it’s ask and yes there is an answer (dust particles in the atmosphere refracting light from the sun I believe.) but you need the question to be asked before you can look up the answer.

I don’t think such answers are adequate… The suggestion “Go spend a few hours listening to media about something I want you to be interested in” only gets followed by a select few people… You really have to be able to evangelize while you already have their ear…

No offense intended as it was an well intended effort, but I totally lost interest in the podcast when it became “Wiki on tape”, and I am a believer (for the most part)

Did you start with episode 1 like it’s suggested?

You’re doing it backwards. You don’t try to evangelize them and get them interested in SAFE. You show them how SAFE enhances what they are already interested in. Find out what they’re ALREADY interested and passionate about and then show them how SAFE will help give them more of that. Are they interested in making money? Then talk about farming and generating safecoin or the crypto exchanges and how much value safecoin will have and work out from there. Are they concerned about keeping their data secure or getting hacked? Then talk about the security aspect of SAFE and how it doesn’t use servers and so can’t be hacked. Are they interested in funding some kind of project? Then talk about apps like the crowdfundhub or other decentralized SAFE apps that’ll let them realize their dreams. Start with the Why not the What or the How of SAFE. Why is SAFE important? Because it gives people freedom, privacy and security. Those things are pretty universal. You don’t need to be a techie to realize the value of being able to access your data from any device and have it totally secure. Or realize the value of instantaneous anonymous transactions.

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Suggesting people do homework, is a sure way to find a minority.
People are lazy; if you can put a hammer in front of them, they will hit things with it.

While that’s true, the obvious point is that evangelizing is relative to ‘the concept of maidsafe’, as the OP puts it; what beats all, is showing a working product. => “Seeing is believing.”

I rather like the videos that have been put out already… likes of what are on

As for the idea, fragmenting files; encrypting those; and having them available on a network in a way like torrents work, might be simple enough for mainstream to understand. Doing away with the need for servers because the network shares data among users, is perhaps another simple concept.

“How do you explain SAFE to a new user?”, is an important question…

I always say it’ll be as big as the Internet was in the 90’s, and that all credit card fraud would cease if it was globally adopted. Start with the big things first haha, otherwise it just sounds like another technological startup that MIGHT cause a revolution—rather than being an absolute definite thing.

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There is no sense in trying to convert a skeptic at this point since there is no way to win the argument.

Just give a quick description of what maidsafe is trying to achieve and answer any follow-up questions honestly.

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