How do you balance freedom of speech with societal protection?


There’s a lot to be said for the wisdom of the crowd. It’s at odds with the conservative instinct for control and manipulation albeit stemming from good intent, they error and sometimes especially on fresh topics where the truth has not been resolved, it is better to be cautious… which is ironic of course in the face of conservatives…

So, for example I posted yesterday in the Covid thread an expert is wondering about what is really going on… "This Is Worrying Me Quite A Bit": mRNA Vaccine Inventor Shares Viral Thread Showing COVID Surge In Most-Vaxxed Countries | ZeroHedge

That the link there is Zerohedge playing into this too… some will whine about the messenger but be it propaganda wing of the UK (why does that exist??); Zerohedge; RT; or some wingnut-antivax; or other random loud-voice - does it matter?.. the truth matters and we need more of the critical thinking that helps resolve that.

We need to be less tolerant of fallacies and more demanding of what we accept as necessarily accurate. Part of this is analogous to Government, resolving sources that we prefer to help represent the effort required.

Still, we should hesitate discounting any point of view… even the most contrary viewpoint can be inverted and enlightening… if only as a statement of the real balance of opinion. The error too often from Governments and conservative drones, is to create an illusion and loose track of the reality of opinion and what matters.


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I It’s at odds with the conservative instinct for control and manipulation…

Who is it that is 'pretending" the CDC can still enforce nationwide moratoriums in the USA…when the Supreme Court of the Land CLEARLY SAID the CDC has absolutely ZERO authority to impose jack squat…

Who’s pretending that ruling doesn’t exist and carrying on with it anyway? Democrats. (Talk to me more about “control”) ---- You really don’t see the hypocrisy do you.

President Biden already said he’s going to back the CDC moratorium ---- even tho’ that is in CLEAR VIOLATION of his oath of office to “uphold the constitution.” ---- This has been ruled on. Libs lost. Yet they still want control to tell you when you go out, when you can and can’t wear a mask, you MUST get vaccinated or be exciled… None of that is coming from “conservatives.” It’s 100% liberals that thirst for the control… and don’t even get me started on manipulation.

Obama, the most popular president in modern times ----- >> You’re going to look at me with a straight face and tell me that “Basement Joe” Biden…who had ZERO Turnout at his Rallies… Got 8 million MORE VOTES THAN OBAMA DID??? --------- Sorry. That math doesn’t work. Never happened.

Anyway, you are obviously liberal which means you automatically support the murder of 56 million innocent babies every single year world wide… It’s stamped right there on your liberal card. > Kill the babies. -------- And anyone who supports the murder of 56 million humans every single year does not deserve to be spoken to. Ever. You lose all credibility to give your opinion on “humanity” at that point. On any issue.

My three bits …

Freedom of speech is absolute. “Society” must NOT be protected … parents must protect their children - that’s all. The only legitimate “socialist” structure is the family structure - thus allowing maximum diversity/decentralization of culture and hence the best way to allow adaptation/evolution in the face of a universe of indifference to the survival of any and all life.

That said, families can move around and join like with like … the basis for a city-state perhaps. Taking things further than that ends up with fascism/communism (too much centralization and destruction of diversity) and so, mass death sooner or later.

Safe Network is going to forevermore destroy any ability to censor … so the debate here is over IMO. People can & will cry & scream about it, but the network don’t care.

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