How do we know the state of the network?

Would it be possible to have an indicators on the launcher that suggests the consensus of the state of the network?

At the moment, we have ‘Connected’ and then left with subjective experience.

I wonder a user might be encouraged seeing an indicator which suggests the difference between their node and the group they are part of. If there is lag between the node and the rest of the network that might suggest a local issue; where the group is in flux that might suggest something else; if there’s a lot of traffic, that might make the user more sympathetic to delayed responses.

Unclear to me what the options are for making the network more visible and tangible… but perhaps those could follow from average response to GET/PUT/DNS-requests/DELETE/CREATE/etc - a row of red/amber/green lights would do.


good idea. and it would be cool to have some kind of network graph display as well… displaying whatever we know about the network (which might not be a lot given the anonymous nature).

i’m thinking something like this:

seeing is believing!



Given that d3 is javascript and client side, I wonder someone could craft a website that would allow a logfile to be put to alsorts of d3 wizz bangs like that.

Is there a way to tell how many vaults are running on the network?

Can someone explain what all this means?

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I’ve only seen a couple of suggestion of statistics being applied to what is known locally… but know nothing of it. One of them appears to be now at http://vault-count.safenet

As @davidpbrown said.

Even the groups do not know the actual world wide figures. They approximate using their view of the network. So the rewards are based on this approximation and as such will have minor differences around the XOR world. They do not even attempt to approxinate the total number of vaults or storage but just use their known values and determine FR etc from that. In other words a group doesn’t actually consider the whole SAFE network, but just its known segment.

The a vaults farming rate will be determined, not by the network as a whole, but instead by the needs of the network segment the vault group can see? This in turn will mean that there will be multiple farming rates world wide based on the needs of segments of the network?

Yes, but due to the groups changing when nodes go online and offline and the fact that data tends to be randomly stored across the XOR space, this difference will be very small for most of the time and occasionally we might see a larger difference for short periods.